NFL IS BACK! Oh, and I have yet another reason to Hate the Jets…

NFL is Back!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!  Yes, I know, that bit of excitement doesn’t sound very NFLish, how about, “YEAH, BABY!!!”    

Much Better.  Point being that now I don’t mind doing Laundry on Sundays anymore 😉   

Ines Sainz on Saturday waiting to Interview Mark Sanchez


What does Suck, BIG TIME is that since I am now on the East Coast, I get all the East Coast Games…UGH!  You see, I HATE the Patriots and the Jets.  I was hopeful about Mark Sanchez, he let me down.  And now with the Jets’ behaviour towards Ines Sainz, TV Azteca’s Female Sports Reporter, which was Deplorable, I hate them even more!  Catcalls, Bumping into her, I mean, REALLY?!?!  How old are they again??  So the woman is Beautiful, Grow Up!  Seriously!  

But I won’t let that ruin the Season for me.  I KNOW that something will be done.  Jets owner, Woody Johnson put his team on check, you see, the Association for Women in Sports Media is demanding something be done.  Therefore, Greg Aiello and Commissioner Roger Goodell “are moving aggressively to determine the facts” (NY Daily News).  


The Cowb0ys were just one mistake after another, which greatly benefited the Redskins, even though they Blew that Op to convert a Field Goal into a TD, then another Field Goal, and wound up with nothing…But that’s okay, they won!!  SWEEEEEEET!!  

McNabb and the Redskins WON and broke the 12 season No-TD Streak!


So as I said, NFL is BACK!!!  


So sorry...NOT!

2 thoughts on “NFL IS BACK! Oh, and I have yet another reason to Hate the Jets…

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  1. I can’t believe it…all this and not one ribbing line toward my Panthers getting de-clawed by Eli and Gang today?
    Oh well, apparently you are not big on the Giants either? Anyway, our panthers team this year is the youngest team on the NFL, and may even be a younger team than they were when they first started; (if that is possible) So, that accompanied with the new quarter back, matti moore throwing everything that he should have been running the entire second half right into traffic, Eli, and the Giants should have really beat them a lot worse than they did… But hey, it’s only game one…so Game on…
    God Bless you


    1. LOL!! What can I say I was on a Sweet High that the Cowboys lost, I was blinded by my Redskin Victory. I have been a Redskin fan since I was in Jr. High. 😕
      As for the Giants…I LOVE Eli! I am not a big fan of the Giants. I didn’t appreciate the way that he was treated, especially by the Fans…but as soon as he showed them what he was made of, they jump on the Eli Bandwagon…Nope, don’t like it, not one bit! But like I said, Eli…Love Him! He is my FAVORITE QB! Especially because he comes across so Humble and Quiet and not like a big ole DIVA! Can’t wait to see him come up against Peyton. Eli will clobber his Colts!
      I agree that the Giants should have done better…but as you said, it’s only game one. 😉
      I was hopeful when it came to the Chiefs last Season, I must confess I’m an Underdog kinda person…we’ll see how they do against the Chargers…However, I am a Huge Rivers fan.
      Of course, I want the Jets to be SMASHED!!!

      Sadly, I lack Cable, so I didn’t get to see all the games yesterday, nor will I see them all…Guess I’ll be visiting my In-laws quite a bit again during the Season :mrgreen:
      And now I’ll have to keep up with Your Panthers…

      God Bless and Take Care!


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