An Important Disclaimer

I realize that there is already a Disclaimer of sorts at the bottom of the Home Page, but, I believe that my elaborating a bit is a good thing.  I judge it to be a Necessary thing.  Thus, here you have a Page dedicated to what I hope you do, and do not do, with what you read on this Blog Site, “From The Pews.”

I am a Catholic Christian.  I am a Sinful, Flawed Catholic Christian. I seek Perfection but know that I will continue to fail, as I am weak and pride still runs thick in my veins.
Knowledge of my Faith, a journey that I pray never ends, is what I am trying to gain and share.
I am trying to be a Better Person.
A Better Catholic Christian.
I am trying every single day to live my life as pleasing to Our Lord.
As I said, I try to learn more and more about my Faith and how I should be.  And quite frankly, I believe that as long as I do not give up, there is always hope.

After having read this Post on Deacon Dodger’s Blog, I knew that I had to expand my Disclaimer from just Copyrights.

sites of church personnel should also reflect Catholic values. Businesses are cautioning their employees that, while employees have a right to privacy and confidentiality regarding what their employers know about them, an employee’s use of social networking—because of its very nature—means he or she relinquishes some privacy and could be construed as representing the company’s ethics and values. Likewise, church personnel should be encouraged to understand that they are witnessing to the faith through all of their social networking, whether ‘public’ or ‘private.’

Many employers and church organizations ask their personnel to consider including a disclaimer on their personal sites, especially if employees/church personnel are highly visible in the community and/or post material related to church work/ministry on their personal sites. One example: ‘The views expressed on this site are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer’.

Now, I am not “Church Personnel.”  Nor do I flatter myself thinking that I am “highly visible in the community,” I do, however, post Church related material.
When I share Priest’s Homilies, when I write about how I feel about something pertaining to My Faith, and various other Faith-related materials, I ask that you Please note the stress on the I, because this is my point EXACTLY, it is I, my view, my opinion, my feeling.

What is written on this Blog should in NO WAY be interpreted, perceived or seen as representative of Mother Church.

My Opinions, my Views, my Interpretations, are just that, My Own.  They do not reflect those of the Catholic Church, much less those of ALL CATHOLICS.

Basically, I ask that you do not judge other Catholics or the Catholic Church because of something I have written that is Misinformed, Incomplete, Ignorant, and well, just Plain Old Stupid!  These opinions and words are mine and mine alone.

However, if you see any Truth, Wisdom, or Beauty that draws you Closer or makes you want to learn more about Catholicism, about Our Lord…Well, that is the Work of the Holy Spirit, better said, that is the Holy Spirit at Work!  And Praise Him.  Praise the Holy Trinity. For He does Everything to Bring Us Back to Him.

To recap:

My Stupidities are Mine Alone.

Do NOT Judge or apply my Ignorance to all Catholics or to Holy Mother Church.

IF something good comes of my rantings, it is the Work of Our Lord. It is due to the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.


3 thoughts on “An Important Disclaimer

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  1. I appreciate your honesty. The truth is none of us are perfect, nor will we ever be perfect. If we were perfect then there would not have been a need for a savior, Jesus. God doesn’t expect perfection, God knows our hearts He knew everything we would do in our lifetime. Nothing so far has been a surprise to Him. 🙂 yes and He still loves us!


    1. Amazing Love isn’t it?

      Incomprehensible beyond belief.

      To be quite frank, I still cannot and know I never will be able to wrap my mind around it. I Pray that I can however, Practice it 😉

      God Bless You in † JMJ †


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