No Windows to Break

They say that when one door closes another opens.

Now, if it doesn’t, then break a window 😉

This old bit of wisdom comes to me as I have been trying to play catch-up with many of the Wonderful Blogs that I follow.

Which I have not added to my Blogroll 😕 Shame on me, I know.
So much to do…So little time…

The flavour of the month has changed over time.  One week I will be hung up on travel, The Urge to Wander blog is AMAZING!

Other times I want to be reminded of Love and God, for that I head either to To Follow My Husband With Joy or Old Enough for Fairy Tales or many,many other fabulous Blogs.

What I’m getting at is that I followed a Great Photography Blog that filled me with Envy – the good kind 😉 – and with such warm, fuzzy thoughts.  Sonel’s Photographic Corner.

The Blog no longer exists….

Her words were always Very uplifting, kind, loving…I Miss Her.

I know not what happened.  I have been away.  All I know is I went to read her blog and it is gone.  Removed. Deleted.  😦

When things like this happen…you are left wondering.  And you want to think the best, but that is only if you’re a normal, sane person…me, I worry.

I Pray all is well.  I Wish her the Best Always and All Ways!

God Love You, you Beautiful Author of Sonel’s Photography ♥

9 thoughts on “No Windows to Break

Add yours

  1. Sonel has deleted her previous blog and now has a private one. You can request to see her private one and, if she agrees, she will open up her new space to you. Let me know if you need help to contact her 🙂


  2. You are so sweet and kind and I must admit … I miss your blog as well but I just don’t feel like posting anything anymore. Maybe one day again… I don’t know. I am doing fine and I thank you for your lovely words. You are such a loving and caring person and it’s great knowing you. Take care and don’t worry about me hon. Love & Hugs, Sonel


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