I get it! I get it!

Forgive Our Trespasses

I always try to remember that for every person driving me crazy, there may be two others that I am driving crazy. Ouch!

— from Happy Catholic and AmericanCatholic.org

Another God-Incidence! 

Last night I went to a Friend’s house and we got to talking, as Friends do. Among this topic and that one, I brought up how I am hurt by and disappointed in certain People in my Life. 

I told her how there was not much that I could do except for Pray.

Then….and I have to laugh, even as I write this…she, in the most nonchalant and yet quite purposeful of manners, raises her leg to rest on a bench and looks me dead in the eye as she cocked her head to the side just a bit to make me feel as I did when I was a child and my Mom would look at me with disbelief when I would quite loudly, shrilly and adamantly insist that “It wasn’t me!” 

Yup. It was like that. 

So she looks at me, head cocked, eyebrows slightly raised, leg on bench, leaning forward just a tad to impose Truth upon me, and says, “Imagine how that person feels…”

Okay, so she didn’t say person exactly. But this is the gist of her phrase. 

We talked a bit more as she elucidated me further. 

As I was getting to walk out the door, I reiterated how those virtues of Patience, Understanding and Mercy still elude me…she smiled and said, “As they do most of us.”

And just in case this humbling encounter wasn’t enough, I get to my computer and Lo and Behold!  What do I see?  Nothing less than the above quote!

Thank You, God!  And yes, as I have said before, many, many times. 

I LOVE Your Sense of Humour!!  😉

Which leads me to...

Saint GenesiusPray for Us!