Only God Can Judge Me

But Others do make Judgments about me.  Criticize me.  Pigeon-hole me.  Talk about me.  Make Generalizations and/or Stereotype me.

I’m quite certain that we have all heard or are familiar with the Words, “Only God Can Judge Me.” 

And while God is our Ultimate Judge, we are judged and we do judge.  I honestly believe that there are few other things that make us as uncomfortable as knowing this. 

Hence, why we worry about our Appearance.  The way we look.  Act. Dress. Come Across. 

We worry because we care.  We care how we’re seen and perceived. 

Even the “Rebels” that don’t seem to care or act like it.  Even they have peers that they keep up with.  Who cares the least.  So they, in effect, also care about how they are judged.  Not by all, but by some. 

There are those obsessive types that care what Everybody thinks of us.  We try to please Everyone.  Make Everyone but ourselves happy. 

“Only God Can Judge Me.” 

It’s also a great phrase that “allows” us to do what we want and justify our actions. 

“Yeah, I did this.  So what!  Only God can Judge Me!”  

There are many levels to this “Permission.”  From something as simple as cursing, talking about someone behind their back, stealing, being sexually promiscuous, experimenting with drugs, being irresponsible in any number of ways, and even taking another’s life. 

We can allow ourselves any and all behaviours because, “Only God can Judge Me.” 

And as comforting (?) as this may be.  We don’t really believe it, do we?  Otherwise, why Justify ourselves with the Words.

I never killed anybody, I never raped anybody, I never committed no crimes that weren’t honorable.

~ Tupac Shakur

**Warning: Clip Contains Explicit Lyrics**

12 thoughts on “Only God Can Judge Me

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  1. Me encantó tu mensaje, yo siempre lo he dicho y lo repito, que cuando nos muramos, Dios no va a ver si era flaca, gorda, bonita, fea, pelona o con pelo,tenia dinero o no tenia etc etc, y todo pórque me critican lo gordo que estoy. Mi respuesta es: Creén que cuando me muera Dios no me va a llevar al cielo por lo gordo ?
    Solo Dios nos vá a juzgar !!!!!!
    Gracias, por ese mensaje, lo necesitaba !!

    I love you !!!

    Dios te siga iluminando para que sigas adelante !!


  2. Yes, at the end of the day it is God’s judgement of each of us that counts. Forget about others’ judgements of our looks, actions, etc., but remember, deep inside, we also judge ourselves!


    1. Remember….geeze, I wish I’d forget 😉

      It is so true that we ARE our own worse critic. We hold ourselves to much higher standards than we hold others. For the most part anyway…There are some people that can do no wrong in their own eyes. They have a huge sense of Entitlement and are more than a tad Ego-Centric…

      Otherwise though, we truly are Harsh on ourselves…


  3. merci a tout ceux qui s’associer est sympatise a ma peine , dieu est la il fera sont jugement…. , merci a tout ceux qui m’encourage dans cette dure é preuve , M . L . B


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