Just Had to Vent…

Thought I would be a bit self-centered for a bit…

In case you hadn’t gathered, I am Pregnant 🙂

We are due in the beginning of June…but, we have been advised that perhaps it would be a good idea to Naturally induce at about 38 weeks…so…end of May 😉

Well, this weekend was one busy weekend!  They call it Nesting I believe.

This looks SO Familiar!!                  From eaarhus.wordpress.com

This looks SO Familiar!!

We officially moved our daughters out of our bedroom, via moving their bunk-bed into their bedroom, though they already sleep in their own bedroom, but on a full-sized bed that is in there.

Now it is time to finish moving the “nursery” into our room.  We began with the change table now we, well, he really, just has to put the crib together and set it up.

But what I really wanted to share is…I am NOT READY!!

You would think that going on Baby Number 6 I would be some type of Pro…HA!!
I am truly worried!  I am not ready for labour, I am not ready for the sleepless nights, and I am dog-gone scared that something may go wrong.

Am I being irrational?  Perhaps, but I can blame it on my hormones 😉

There! I have vented, now I feel better…sort of…

San Ramon NoNato…Please protect this Child that Our Lord for some reason is entrusting to our care…

Amen ♥