He Holds Me Up

Have you ever gotten up in the morning with 1001 things on your mind? Good and Bad.  Busy work and Important Items?

I know you have!  I guess it was more rhetorical than an actual question.

This morning with so many things going on in my mind, I did not have anything concrete to share with you. Until I received a tweet from a Beautiful Young Lady that is going through her own Journey of Self-Discovery, and between you and me, she is Already Amazing, but she doesn’t realize it yet.  She reflects Jesus in so many ways, and she doesn’t even realize it.  Since I met her, I see her constantly strive to be more and more Christ-like and I honestly feel that she does not see the Fruits of her Efforts.

For instance today!  As I started to share a few lines ago, I received a Tweet from her explaining what Video she had seen that caused such an impact on her today. 

I too went to see this video and…


We ALL need to see it….

It moved me…not just to tears, but it touched me all the way down to my Ugliness, to that Swamp in my Well, that mire that is covering the Pure Spring that is the Essence, the Masterpiece that God has Created. 

I was told as I had been in Retrouvaille, that God does NOT make Junk! 
That He Loves me. 

That He KNOWS Me! 

That I Need NOT be Afraid…

I now share it with you…God Help Us and Reinforce in us that He is there, that He does in Fact Hold US UP!!

Thank You, Leslie…I Love You…You Save Me Too…

3 thoughts on “He Holds Me Up

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  1. Take a look at images of sculptor Rodin’s “Eve”. She is on permanent display in Paris, Dallas, Los Angeles, and North Carolina. She also resides in the heart of every woman . . .her shame and vulnerability.

    Shades of Eve (1881)
    Rodin said he saw this model change with every sitting, …


    1. “In Rodin’s work, ‘Eve’ does not appear as the originator of human sin, as a representation of evil; rather she represents the frailty of the human condition, exposed to threats and seduction”

      I find this quote quite Soothing…


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