My Selfish Thanksgiving Prayer


I am so Grateful for all You have Provided. For all You have Given Me. But I ask You for More…

Please, Father…

Give me the Strength to DO Your Will. 

Give me the Fortitude to Live Your Will.

Give me the Courage to allow You to Chisel away all of my Worldly Wants, Habits and Desires.

Give me the Resolve to do What is Right!

Fill me with Reliance on You and You alone.

Help Me to be the Masterpiece You Intended me to be…

For at this moment…I am not.

At this moment…I am filled with Fear.

At this moment…I do not know how to give up this Control…

Guide me as I Want and Try to Abandon my Self in You.

As Unworthy as I am…I Pray for this…

As Selfish as this is…I Desire this…

I want to see You and not Me…


Do I…




4 thoughts on “My Selfish Thanksgiving Prayer

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  1. This prayer is absolutely great. I am a little tired tonight as I have been shopping and put up Christmas tree. But will be back to read all the wonderful things you write about. God Bless, SR


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