For Hurting Marriages

If you have been to this blog before, you may be familiar with Retrouvaille already.

If you are new, first, Thanks!  Next, allow me to quickly catch you up to speed…

My Husband and I have experienced a great many, many difficulties in our Marriage, to the point of separating and close to calling it quits permanently.

We received a lifeline. My Beloved Patootie, not wanting to give up on us found Retrouvaille, a lifeline for hurting marriages.

I cannot recommend it enough!!

Here you can find a  post by my Husband and you are more than welcome to peruse via the search feature at the top.  Just search Retrouvaille.

Here is a pic he put together that I HAVE to share with You!!


And please, do not keep this information to yourself.

If you happen to not be in Toronto, Retrouvaille is WORLD WIDE!!!!!!!!

Check out their website here.

God Love You †

And let others know, we all need help sometimes ♥


8 thoughts on “For Hurting Marriages

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  1. We too have attended Retrouvaille here in Las Vegas, NV. We had the worst mess the directors ever saw. Everything was wrong. That was in 2008 we are still involved and we are so grateful to this organization. We just celebrated 32 years of marriage. We tried all the regular ways of working on our marriage none of them worked. Thousands and thousands of dollars for nothing!!!
    I can not say enough good things about Retrouvaille.

    We just did our website

    There are six articles on the site one of which I wrote. “We were emotionally separated” Thank God for Retrouvaille and Thank God for our Directors they are absolutely wonderful people. This program has a 87% success rate for the couples that do the whole program. You just have to have an open heart and an open mind. I read your blog all the time. Great writing.


    1. Thank You SO VERY MUCH!!

      Not just for your extremely kind words about my rants 😉
      But More so for your generosity in sharing not just your Website (AWESOME BTW), but for your Testimony on Retrouvaille!

      We just need to get the word out that Love IS a Decision and that there are Some out there that Push for Marriages to stay together as opposed to packing up and cutting your losses 😉

      Thank You Again and God Love You ♥


  2. Oh I would be so happy for you to share our website, we too want to get the word out. Retrouvaille is a miracle in every way. You can even post my article if you wish. Thank you and God Bless You.


  3. I shared the information on your site with the couples that attended our Retrouvaille business meeting last night. I hope you will be welcoming some new members.


    1. Hope it went well!
      And thank you for sharing!

      I am hoping to get back into the swing of things and Share so many of the “Treasures” that we were given with the Retrouvaille Binder 😉

      And I also have yet to share your post 😉
      I have not forgotten!!!

      Happy New Year ♥


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