Marriage is not for Wimps!

If you have not had the opportunity to read “Lambs to the Slaughter” here on the From the Pews Blog, please do so.  

I may seem a tad biased, but I think that my husband did an Amazing job!  His writing is one of the main reasons I fell in love with him, and after having read his post, I am not ashamed to say that I got all aflutter!  😉 

To quote my Sister Seera, “Marriage is not for Wimps!”  I say, “And How!” 


I think it is quite safe to say that we have more than our fair share of ups and downs.  We are Blessed to have “Drama” that not many couples have to contend with.  We are even more Blessed to have many around us that Pray for and with us, equally important, to GUIDE us.  

For those who do not know, these are VHS tapes


I remember hearing back in the VHS Days (I know, ya llovió, or in English, the WHAT DAYS?!), “I wish Babies came with Instruction Videos.”  I myself, have wished for the same, Parenting is difficult, but what of Marriage?  Why can’t we get a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc (BD), of our Partner that would include Needs, Wants, Shortcomings, How-to talk to, How-to Compromise with, all the How-To’s we NEED,  the Do’s and Don’ts of Communicating, etc…Can you imagine?  It would make Married life so much easier.  

I am reading (have been reading it for a couple of months now, can’t seem to finish it because of two Beautiful Little Reasons and when I do have time, I wind up re-reading chapters so as to not forget) a book titled, The 10 Commandments of Marriage: The Do’s and Don’ts for a Lifelong Covenant by Ed Young.  It was given to us by a Wonderful Friend!  I want to share with you all a Beautiful analogy in regards to Two Becoming One. 

[…] (F)rom where I sat […] I could look down and see two streams coming together to form a beautiful river.  One of the streams carried quite a bit of debris from the mountain as a result of melting snow.  The other seemed somewhat silty.  So I sat and watched as these little creeks flowed along quietly…until they met one another.  At the point of convergence, these two trickling streams became churning white water! 

No more peaceful, babbling brooks, but loud, roaring rapids.  Each stream brought all the debris that had come down with it from farther up the mountain.  As I looked beyond those rapids to where the two had become a single waterway, I saw they had become clear, clean, and quiet.  They seemed to flow in harmony.  

So it is in marriage.  When two people become one, there may be an explosive convergence as they adjust to the new relationship.  But as they get farther “downstream,” a wonderful thing happens: oneness. 

Two Streams Converging


We have all seen those Beautiful Older Couples.  They have been together for about 50 years, they know each other, they seem to read one another’s minds, their eyes still twinkle when they catch a glimpse of the other.  That is oneness.  That is what I believe most of us strive for.  That is what we want, what I want.  

We just need to tackle the “churning white water.”  We must endure the the rough times, we must learn from them.  Learn from and about one another.  Be Patient.  Be Loving.  But above all, Forgiving.  It is better to be Loved than Right, right?  Sound great, and it is doable, we just must work on Pride.  And I have lots of it.  

Communication, Patience, Understanding, Forgiving.  For yours truly, these are the essential components.  It is what we are working on, what we will continue to work on.  It’s not easy, it’s not for WIMPS!  😉  

It is much easier to just say, “It’s too hard.  It’s too Painful.  It’s too much work.  It’s not worth it.”  But we won’t know if it is or was worth it if we leave, if we give up.  As silly as it sounds, Marriage is a Cross as well.  But it doesn’t always have to be Bad!  Marriage has so much GOOD!  There are so many good times.  Memories, Joys, Tenderness, Sharing, Giving, and yes, Love.  There is always someone there, good times, bad times, your other half is there.  And if we wait it out, if we can work together through the “Loud, Roaring Rapids” we will get to enjoy “Harmony.”  We just can’t stop working.  We can’t ease up and let the other one do all the paddling, we’ll sink.  We won’t make it.  We have to be a Team.  We have to be One. 

Yessir, Marriage is not for Wimps. 


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  1. lol, I still LOVE my VCR…and lately, seems every DVD that I rent has been smeared by some kids fingers that just ate a tootsie roll pop, and stops working right in the middle of the movie. Anyway, I have to be honest I haven’t read your post here yet…but had to comment on the pictures, as I was wanting to tell you that I saw you when you came onto my site tonight…Or well, I saw your site name anyway. A friend and I were actually talking in the Christ Chat room, which is highly unusual lately. I mean comparatively speaking. It was a regular gathering place for at least 4 or 5 chatters at a time for a few years, but, as I have been busy writing blogs, and folks do have other lives than that of Talking-Cyber- Heads, it has dropped off a bit. Happens a lot every year when I leave for vacation or away for a day or two…But, I was sure hoping that you would drop into the Chat Room. I saw that you navigated the site a bit, and I appreciate it, and hope you found something of interest anyway. I’ll get back over here and read this post when I am more awake tomorrow, as it looks interesting.
    God Bless you


    1. I just posted another comment after reading this beautiful post…for whatever reason you may have to look for it in your Spam-slammer again…cause I am not up to instant recall at the moment…Great Post keep up the beautiful work.
      God Bless you


    2. I could not, NOT, get into the chat! I tried but got booted off. I prolly did sumfin wrong 😉 I was sort of groggy at that point.
      Will try it again soon though.

      Take Care and God Bless You!!


  2. Okay, now I read it, and it is beautiful. And oh so true. I heard one preacher once say (can’t remember who right off, possibly even Ed Young, but more likely the late great Adrian Rogers) that saying marriage is a 50/50 mediation is absolutely wrong…it’s a 100% on both parts commitment.

    You brought to mind my granny and papa, both who have long since passed,sitting at the kitchen table, well after their 50th wedding anniversary.

    Papa would reach for a biscuit, and Granny would teasingly poke the back of his hand with her fork…and that gleam that you spoke of could be seen flickering across the table from both of their eyes.

    Sometimes she would poke him in the back of his hand with her fork…even if he wasn’t reaching for a biscuit come to think of it…and the sparkle was still there.

    The title of your post caught my eye, or, my ears as it were, as my mother used to say something similar. Something that I can now attest to…Growing old ain’t for wimps either.

    Thank God that we have someone to grow old together with…who is also willing to give 100%, and forgiving enough to understand the times that we ourselves maybe aren’t quite able to.

    God Bless you


    1. Thank You, Paul!

      As I read your words, I could picture your Granny and your Papa…How Blessed and Fortunate you were to be able to see that! I am quite jealous 😉 You see, My Mamá Lola and My Papá Eliseo weren’t very loving, not publicly towards each other. It was usually him hollering and cursing and swearing about this or that and throwing in many, many, MANY Sayings…the reason I use them myself. My Mom says that growing up though, he would sing a lot to her. Wish I would have seen that.

      Getting off topic here 😉

      Thank you for sharing! Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

      God Bless You!


  3. I don’t see any ramblings here…I mean, not in your writings. A lot of rambling in my comments it seems. I do tend to be able to write in response or conversationally more than actually writing an article.

    I think in the blog response and replies it’s just good to see someone actually reads your stuff and likes it enough to want to comment on it…which I do, and I get a little carried away sometimes. In the real world…they would just tell me I talk too much…lol

    Oh, by the way, as far as the chat room, you have to sign in there with a different password/username etc…than you do to join the actual site.

    And speaking of getting the most traffic…at least, I think I mentioned that …up there some where, I found the secret…But, I don’t think I have what it takes, nor do I want the sort of trashit…sorry

    I mean traffic that it draws…if you read my last post you probably know what I am talking about.
    Funny huh?, how it seems that people who hate a certain other group of people can draw a large following in America,and the world, and yet, those who have a wonderful site like yours sharing the one to follow who wants all to be loved are the ones the world calls the haters.

    But, we can take it…It’s all written anyway, and if that is the worst of the Persecution that I am to have to endure till the end in suffering for my Lord, they can bring it on…but, as you probably are as aware as I am…I believe the true persecution of the true followers of Christ…Has only just begun. Hallelujah though!! you know ?

    Okay I shut up now …Hemos tenido un tiempo muy yadi yada yada…and Yabba dabba dooo!!!



  4. Love the excerpt!! I’m gonna look into buying that book on amazon!! – Thanks for the shout out lol…I’ve been so busy with my certification papers I havent been keeping up so well with my blog, but I think I’ll do a post today!

    As always a big fan of you blog & the post by ur hubby 😉



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