Approved Canadian Vaccines Made from ABORTED Babies

I found the following Information on the Public Health Agency of Canada regarding the Vaccines used and required in Canada. 

The ones that I have posted here are the Vaccines that are currently approved for use in Canada (as of May 2006) and that are developed utilizing “human cell lines from ABORTED foetuses, WI-38 and MRC-5″ (Vatican Study, word Aborted capitalized and boldface by From The Pews).

I could not C&P all the information because it’s a bit much, but here is the information that as a Canadian Parent you may want to know about:

M-M-R® II MF SC Live M, M, R Live virus     Gelatine Neomycin Residual components of chick embryo cell cultures Bovine Serum Glutamate Human albumin Residual protein from cell culture Sorbitol Sucrose

Though difficult to decipher…the Brand Name is MMR II…If you go back to my post “Vaccines From Aborted Babies” you will see that this is one of the Vaccines that is made up of Fetal Cell Lines.  Ditto for the following.

Imovax® Rabies SP IM Inactivated Rab Killed virus     Neomycin Human albumin


Priorix® GSK SC Live M, M, R Live virus     Neomycin Lactose
Havrix® GSK IM Inactivated HA Killed virus Alum PE Neomycin
Latex in stopper
pre-filled syringes
Formaldehyde Polysorbate 20
Varivax® III MF SC Live Var Live virus     Gelatin
Bovine serum Glutamate Residual protein from cell culture

 In total there are 5 that I found when comparing the approved Vaccines in Canada and the Vaccines that the Vatican Study denounces.  You are more than welcome to cross reference as well.

Again, as a Parent, as a Catholic Christian Parent, I intend to do my part.  Please do yours…

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