Tebow Used by Website in Crazy Promo Tactic

See on Scoop.itFrom The Pews’ Puter…

AshleyMadison.com is apparently the ” premier website for discreet connections .” In a not-so-discreet manner they’ve launched an attack on the NFL ‘s most polarizing figure, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow …


“The sad thing is that this very article gives AshleyMadison.com another chance for publicity, one they certainly don’t deserve.


Riding the coattails of the QB in such a pathetic manner is an abhorrent and unjust act, but it comes with the territory of being Tim Tebow.”


They are absolutely RIGHT!


I am done talking about them.


It’s just that UGH!!  I am disgusted by us =(



See on bleacherreport.com

6 thoughts on “Tebow Used by Website in Crazy Promo Tactic

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  1. hehe, that is what makes their world go round hon. Money talks. I always say as long as it’s not my problem, I won’t make it mine. 🙂


      1. Yep, it is sad but that is what people do hon. When they can make money they don’t care who they hurt in the process and why would they care what we think? That is why stuff like this doesn’t bother me but it sure made a good post. Thanks for sharing hon. 🙂


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