San Judas Tadeo

San Judas

Today is the Feast Day of one of my Mom’s favorite Saints.  I truly believe it is quite safe to say he IS the Favorite Saint. 

Time and again, growing up and now, St. Jude has assisted us in many times of Turmoil.  When we felt all hope was gone, he has Interceded for us and we’ve been granted miracle upon Gracious Miracle.

When I first moved to the Great White North, I was truly surprised to see that there is not a Great Devotion to him here.  Perhaps not many feel that they are out of Hope.  Perhaps they have not felt that they were confronted with the Impossible…

Whatever the reason, he’s not a Favorite, yet.  Once people have been exposed to him and the Graces that God has granted him, perhaps because he was Jesus’ cousin ;), things may slowly start to change.

At Present, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need his help. 

St. Jude's Shrine

San Judas, Ayudame en esta Gran Necesidad!  Ayudame. 

Here is a Brief Article that I found on the St. Jude Novena site, definitely worth Visiting, here’s a taste of their home page:

Do you feel like you don’t know where to turn? Perhaps you are faced with the following:

— illness or other medical problem
— difficult financial or employment situation
— problems with relationships
— depression, addiction or other difficulty

Sometimes we can’t make it alone. Sometimes our problems seem bigger than the resources we have at our disposal…

Reliquia de San Judas

Now if that doesn’t Tantalize you, here is a little bit about San Judas:

The tradition of devotion to St. Jude goes beyond a simple Bible story; in fact, it is a reflection of the ability of ordinary people to call upon their powerful faith to triumph over seemingly impossible odds in their daily lives.

Legend has it that St. Jude was born into a Jewish family in  Paneas, a town in the Galilee portion of ancient Palestine, the same region that Jesus grew up in. He probably spoke Greek and Aramaic, like many of his contemporaries in that area, and he was a farmer (as many of his family were) by trade. 

Jude was described by St. Matthew (13:55) as being one of the “brethren” of Jesus, probably meaning a cousin since the Hebrew word for “brethren” indicates a blood relationship. His mother, Mary, was referred to as a cousin of Jesus’ mother Mary, while his father, Cleophas, was the brother of St. Joseph. 

PLaque on the side of the Shrine to St. Jude

Jude had several brothers, including St. James, who was another of the original Apostles. His own first name, “Jude”, means giver of joy, while “Thaddeus”,  another name he was called, means generous and kind.

He was later married, had at least one child, and there are references to his grandchildren living as late as 95 A.D.

Jude was then called to be one of Jesus 12 Apostles, and began preaching the Good News of Jesus to Jews throughout Galilee, Samaria, and Judea.

St. Jude went to Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) around 37 A.D., and became a leader of the Church of The East that St. Thomas established there.  For a fascinating account of St. Jude’s influence in that region, read my article The St. Jude- Iraq Connection.

The Back Wall

St. Jude was a true internationalist, traveling throughout Mesopotamia, Libya, Turkey, and Persia with St. Simon, preaching and converting many people to Christianity.  He was credited with helping the early creation of the Armenian church, and other places beyond the borders of the Roman Empire.

Around the year 60 A.D., St. Jude wrote a Gospel letter to recent Christian converts in Eastern churches who were under persecution.  In it, he warned them against the pseudo-teachers of the day who were spreading false ideas about the early Christian faith.   He encouraged them to persevere in the face of the harsh, difficult circumstances they were in, just as their forefathers had done before them. He exhorted them to keep their faith and to stay in the love of God as they had been taught. His inspirational support of these early believers led to him becoming the patron saint of desperate cases.

View as soon as one Enters

He is believed to have been martyred in Persia or Syria around 65 A.D. The axe or club that he is often shown holding in pictures symbolizes the way in which he was killed. Truly, he paid the ultimate price for his faith.  After his death his body was brought back to Rome and was placed in a crypt beneath St. Peter’s Basilica, which people visit to this day

St. Jude is traditionally depicted carrying the image of Jesus in his hand or close to his chest. This idea comes from a Biblical story in which King Abgar of Edessa (a city located in what is now southeast Turkey) asked Jesus to cure him of leprosy and sent an artist to bring him a drawing of Jesus. Impressed with Abgar’s great faith, Jesus pressed his face into a cloth and gave it to St. Jude to take to Abgar. Upon seeing Jesus’ image, The King was cured and he converted to Christianity along with most of the people under his rule. This cloth is believed to be the famous Shroud of Jesus which is currently on display in Turin, Italy.

This is a View of the Altar, From the Pews

St. Jude is often shown in paintings with a flame around his head.  This represents his presence at Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles.

In the Middle Ages, St. Bernard of Clairvaux (France) was a renowned devotee of St. Jude, as was St. Bridget of Sweden who, in a vision, was encouraged by Jesus to turn to St. Jude with faith and confidence. He told her that, in accordance with Jude’s surname, Thaddeus (which means generous, courageous, and kind), “he will show himself to be the most willing to give you help.”

View from the Front of the Church. As you can see it is quite small. You wouldn't think it, being a National Shrine. Like The Pews?

Devotion to St. Jude began again in earnest in the 1800’s, starting in Italy and Spain, spreading to South America, and finally to the U.S. (originally in the Chicago area) in the 1920’s.  Novena prayers to St. Jude helped people, especially newly-arrived immigrants from Europe, deal with the pressures caused by the Great Depression, Second World War, and the changing workplace and family life.

Nuestra Madre, Jesus, La Virgencita, El Padre Toribio y Muchos Santos Más.

Why has devotion to St. Jude continued to grow to the present day?

In spite of (or possibly because of) all the advances human society has made, human beings find themselves under incredible stress and have difficulty coping at one time or another.  Increasingly, people are finding that technology and other man-made innovations are unable to provide comfort and hope when it is truly needed, so millions of people around the world turn to St. Jude when they feel the most helpless and alone. St. Jude has proven to be a true friend and a beacon of hope to those who call on him–always willing to help and seek help no matter how desperate the need. And in today’s tumultuous times, we need him more than ever.  We celebrate his feast day on October 28(St. Jude).

Can you IMAGINE the festivities at Chicago’s Shrine to St. Jude today? 

It is not in a Huge Church.  It is a humble, beautiful little Parish where the Patron Saint is Our Lady of Guadalupe. We enjoyed visiting, hope you enjoy the Pics!

El Templo de Nuestra Madre, La Virgen de Guadalupe

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  1. Thank you for this post on St Jude. I knew nothing of him, not even that he was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. I had just seen prayers published in newspaper smalls praying to St Jude for help. He sounds like he was a wonderful, caring man.


    1. I LOVE that you motivate in this way!!!

      It puts such a HUGE Smile on my face to know that my Meager Writings have SOME impact 😀



  2. Thank you for your post about St Jude, thank you for the pictures too. My wish is to go to the Shrine in Chicago.
    May God Bless you and your family.


  3. honrar y pagar las deudas de la empresa y las que estan a mi nombre para seguir en el negocio y darles un presente y futuro a nuestros pequeños hijos y a nosotros ser cada dia mejor ser humano,


  4. I have been praying to St. Jude for a while now for my husband to continue finding work in what he does. It has worked, but I haven’t stopped praying. Now he’s trying to get CDL and it has been difficult for him to pass the tests. I keep praying and know that he’s very close to getting it. I pray again to ST.JUDE to help my husband get his CDL. Pray for us,him. Thank you ST.JUDE Thank you


      1. Thank you Maria…we have gotten our prayers answered. My husband has received his CDL. A big burden has been lifted off our shoulders. Thank you St. Jude..he is truly amazing


    1. Stella,

      Never give up Praying ♥
      I can tell you First-Hand how many times, too many times, I feel that my Prayers are not answered.

      But, it’s not even that. The funny thing is that even before we Start Praying, the Prayer that is in our Hearts HAS been answered already!

      What causes us to not see this is our Artificial construct, called Time.
      We see things OUR Way, and we constantly want to put God and understand Him in Our Terms. It doesn’t work that way…

      He Loves Us! I don’t know why 😉 But He does and the last thing He wants is for us to suffer. I KNOW that things are or will be Better ♥

      Remember, we are NOT of this World…Our Glory is with Him.

      God Love You ♥


  5. I believe in this saint so much so much and i was so sad when a month or so ago the doctor told me that he could not be born on Oct 28, I want it so much for my son to be born on the day, the day we remember and honor St. Jude and just yesterday i find out that he will be born on that day. I feel so humble and honor to know that he will be by my side and i offer my son to him so he can always protected him and guide him thru out all of his life.


  6. con todo mi corazon le pido a san judas tadeo que me ayude y me dirija para cosegir trabajo tengo lisensia para cuidar enfermos pero no tengo trabajo por favor san judas tadeo ayudame, amen


  7. I have been going through a lot of things since i got married 18 years ago. First my husband was hitting me, than yrs later he was going out with a woman. A yr later found out that this lady had a child with my husband and a yr later I was laid off because company closed down. I started loosing my memory, can’t remember where I put thing and past things in my life (I don’t know if I started being stressed because of my situation but can’t anymore!!) 4 yrs ago we went to Mexico D.F. And went to the Basilica and I asked the Virgencita to help me, with everything that was going on and next month found out I was pregnant had my precious baby (he is now 3) love him with all my heart. For the last 2 yrs straight I have been looking for a job and nothing I am so desperate , my credit cards are up to the max because that’s the way I pay my bills. Now he is and has always put a side money for him and I am getting tired of this ….for the last 6 yrs he leaves to Mexico on new years spends 3-4 days with his family and comes back, what about me and all my bills? My kids? I need help!!! Two three months ago started praying to St Jude, but nothing and I stopped. I just don’t have strength anymore for anything. I believe in St Jude but……Don’t know what else to do!!!


    1. First, let me apologize for not replying sooner…I have been away from the Blog for a while.
      I do hope that things have gotten better for you ♥
      Personally, the hardest part of life is that my time isn’t His time. Never give up. He always has something in store. He truly does work in mysterious ways. I know, cliché, but so true.
      You are in my Prayers † God Bless You and your Baby


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