Look What I Found!

Okay, so maybe I didn’t really “find” it.  But I did sort of find it…

You see, I do not always go and read Freshly Pressed*. 

*For you non-WordPressers (Insert Gasp Here and begin questioning WHY anyone would not use WordPress), those are the featured Blogs on, you guessed it, WordPress.

As I was saying, what I tend to do is scan the titles and see if anything piques my interest. 
There have been weeks where nothing truly does.

But today…today I have discovered a Gem! 

What a Find!! See, a FIND!

This Talented Writer has made me Smile, Laugh and Bust Out Laughing in a matter of minutes!

Check out jessseekerYou will NOT regret it!

I would recommend you start here, “Oh to be ickle again…

This is the reason I may just lose my employment…apparently it is not good to bust out laughing while reading a Blog and not working…go figure??


Oh, BTW, in case it was lost on you,  as you can see, I am Tickled Pink 😛