A Resource for Life

Last night I came across a FB Page via some mutual friends.  It belongs to Kara Marie.  It is a page that contains a resource for young women…no, for women of ANY age, young, too young, old, not that old…Any Age that are considering an Abortion or that have had one.

Her story is touching, hopeful all while being frightening. 

I will provide you with the link to her page, I hope that you will forward it to anyone who needs it…


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  1. Thank You…The only place I could think of forwarding it where it quite possibly would be needed, yet, overlooked, is sadly one of the Social Networks. And I will certainly be sending it. Speaking of which, I think it’s about time you get some Retweet Buttons, and a digg button or two on your post. I can say that for the first few days, it more than doubled my traffic, and your words need to be read by as many as will, take time, twitter, facebook, or stumble upon it.
    If you care to see how, I just finished another relatively short Nautical Tale, that I think you will enjoy. You should, you inspired me to write it. Anyway, after you read it…and comment of course…lol…click onto either “Who’s the real Pawn Star” or “Both Parties Lose” (Oil Volcano) and scroll down ( Or read down) till you see a PINK LINK, that says;

    “Mirella’s Bubbly Blog” and click on it, she has a few very simply explained steps in a few post on how to do it. Also, if you don’t twitter, you really don’t have to, but, just open and account, and that way others who read your work, and do twitter, can retweet the post over there as they read them. You may already know all about this stuff, so I’ll stop trashing up your comment section here, but, feel free to to ask if you need assistance. Oh, you can probably reach me in the Christ Chat Room here:

    http://jerusable.webs.com/ God Bless


    1. LOL!! After reading your other Post, I searched and found this in the spam folder. =oS
      I have NO IDEA why WordPress would think it was spam, but I found it!

      Thank you SO MUCH for your Kind Words! They are so Wonderful to read and they definitely make me want to keep writing 😉

      I will DEFINITELY stop by and finish reading the Oil Volcano post! BTW, glad to read that I Inspired you to write another Nautical post, keep them coming!

      I’m going to look into the retweet Buttons and the Digg button. If I do have any issues, I will hold you to your word :p

      Thanks Again and God Bless, Paul.


  2. I don’t know what happened to it, but, I already left a comment on this, and said, I surely will forward the Link. I also said that I would like to see you get some tweetmeme buttons, and maybe a digg on the sire, as you words need to be read. I can help you with it if you don’t know how yet. Nothing to it really, only a little cumbersome at first , as you have to add then to each individual post.

    I just wrote another Nautical entry, that I think you may enjoy, and after you read it, while you are there, if you are interested in the ReTweet Buttons, and digg, click on either Both Parties Lose ( Oil Volcano) or, Whos the real Pawn Star, and scroll down,or (read down) lol, until you come to a PINK LINK that says Mirellas Bubbly Blog, and she has some easy step post there on how to add them. You may know all about it already, but, if not, I’ll be happy to help. You don’t really have to twitter, but, you would have to set up an account, and then others who read your blog can retweet it over to the Twiterverse. Anway,leave me a comment, on my site, and check back on it…I’ll leave you a link to my chat room, if you need any help on it, or have questions. Your work needs to be read in my opinion.
    God Bless you


  3. Wow that was weird…the first comment…which was nine foot long… wouldn’t show up, even after I left and came back 20 minutes later…
    but, then I realized that it could have been because I posted that LINK…but that was only to give us a place to chat…then came back again, and it was still not here. Now it is…anyway

    Bread and circus huh?
    Well, I think I missed that episode…but, I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night…NOT!!!

    ( Traveling Gospel Band Leader) But, snake handling Church, is there a back door to this place.
    (Pastor) no
    (Traveling Gospel Band Leader) Where would you like it to be?


    1. LOL!

      Bread and Circus is a phrase the A Roman Poet, Juvenal, used to describe what those in power did to distract the Poor, the Discontent. They would feed and entertain them in order to distract them from the real issues.
      Basically what happens to the General Puppets! =o)

      Quick question about Digg…I was on there and was going to open an acct. but was turned off by the CC0. By submitting to Digg, one loses ALL rights to the work:

      The person who associated a work with this document has dedicated the work to the Commons by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law and all related or neighboring legal rights he or she had in the work, to the extent allowable by law.

      Works under CC0 do not require attribution. When citing the work, you should not imply endorsement by the author.

      Sooooooo, I am hesitant. Do you have a digg acct? Do you submit??


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