My New Favorite Word


I had heard Fr. Mario say this word some time ago and just this Friday he mentioned it again. 

It is something that not just boys and men must do, though Father HIGHLY RECOMMENDS it.  It is something that most of us, if not all  of us should practice.

Merriam-Webster defines this word as:

– to divert the expression of (an instinctual desire or impulse) from its unacceptable form to one that is considered more socially or culturally acceptable

So what is this Wonderfully Magnificent word?


So let us get out our Pens and Paper to write Passionate Poetry…

Get out our baking dishes and flour, chocolate, and the such to Bake Sweets for our Sweet…

Or maybe just lace up our Runners and hit the Streets or the Gym…

Sublimate, Sublimate, Sublimate…

4 thoughts on “My New Favorite Word

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  1. I learned this word in university… in two contexts.

    To Sublimate also means to change from a solid to a gas state without becoming a liquid first. So first year chem it was a standard word…

    Then I took first year psych.

    We all had a laugh trying to figure out what it meant when it referenced our church… must have been a very old part of the church ’cause we sure never heard it. I have a vague recollection that it mentioned wood cutting, which only made the impression more 18th century.

    … but here’s some real food for thought …

    My husband brought back this from Christopher West:

    Why do we spay and neuter our cats and dogs? Because they have no self-control, they get the urge to merge and they must do it.

    We are not animals.

    …back to me now, I am a narcisit…

    Sublimation is just a continuation of what every parent starts when their kids are two and want a piece of candy… it is learning how to rely on the spirit to increase our self-control. If you don’t try and ask yourself, He can’t help.

    Try this: put a bunch of marbles in your left pocket. Every time during the day that a temptation hits, move one to the right pocket. So many of us think temptations are continual… at the end of the day you might be surprised by how few marbles you have in that right pocket.


  2. sublimate…or it could be more listening to what God wants you to enjoy right NOW. joy is everywhere God put it. But he put you somewhere in some place at some time to enjoy just that one moment. What is in this moment worth enjoying? Life is a gift.


    1. Hmmm…Though I want to agree with what you say, there is just something that I am not comfortable with…and perhaps you did not mean it this way, but it leaves room for this interpretation:

      That if you are Living the Moment, ANY Moment, then what you are doing, No matter WHAT it is, Do It! And what I am referring to is Physical Intimacy.
      I apologize if this is not what you meant, but as I said, the semantic overanalyzer in me LOVES to do this 😉


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