NOW What Are We Going To Do?

Once again, there is so much happening and so much going on that I want to share all of it with you…BUT not in an irresponsible way, thus, I have shared NOTHING.

Kind of a double-edged sword there, eh.

What I DO want to share is that it has been almost a week since we lost Barb’s Core Classes at St. Joseph the Worker.

To refresh your memory or to introduce you to what it is that I am referring…click here.

Well, after all the “drama” that occurred in regards to the Core Yoga Class, we were given the opportunity to participate in NOT Core Yoga, but a Core Pilates Class, which was facilitated by a Wonderful Human Being by the name of Barbara Dmuchowski D.Ch.

I cannot say enough good things about her!

She definitely knows what she’s doing.  Numbers do NOT lie.  In the first month of the class, there was, if memory serves me correctly over 16 inches lost.  Not by me!  I WISH!  But by the group, in total.  This past month, the result was about the same. 

The classes were offered on a Daily Basis and in order to get results and to strengthen your core, you were expected to attend each and every single day. 

As I was saying, she not only knew her stuff, but she was always Very Professional!  No, let me scratch that…she was Above and Beyond Professional, she CARED! 

The group was composed of individuals of all ages and all different levels.  Not once did she make those of us who were novices feel inadequate, unmotivated, or unchallenged for that matter.  The same was true for those of us that were in the Mid-Range and Advanced. 

She treated each and every single one of us with Respect, allowed us to maintain, nay, Increased our Dignity, made us feel that any and all of our progress was like the Biggest Hurdle that we had overcome.  She made us feel like Champs!

That is why it pains me so that we will no longer have her offering her classes at our Parish.  😦

She informed us that they, the Church and some individuals, wanted to give Zumba a try.  Also, that there was another individual that in the next 6 months or so would possibly be offering exercise classes as well. 

This is my reaction: 🙄

Why so harsh? 

First off, Zumba I believe will be offered once or perhaps twice a week.  This from exercising Daily, okay.  Not to mention that the cost will be $10 PER Class. 

Now, for all those of you who are aware of what Zumba is, it looks Amazingly Fun and yeah a Great Workout.  I would love to experience it, but in addition to Barb’s class, not in lieu of it.

Next, 6 months from now?  What about the next 6 months?

Finally, and this may not seem like a big issue to you all, but I touched upon it a bit ago, the cost. 

You see, Barb ONLY charged $20 for the MONTH!  Yes, you read it correctly, $20 for the Entire Month.  Daily Classes with REAL Results.  Advice on Nutrition, Form, Life Habits, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Cooking, Portion-Control, and like I said before Sincere, Heart-felt Caring! 

Now, when you are unemployed, such as I am, this is HUGE!  You try going to a gym and pay the Monthly fees, the Enrollment, the Additional Classes, etc, etc, etc, on a $0 income. 

If I had the dough, I would LOVE to have a gym membership, experience this type of Class, Zumba, but I don’t think it’s in our means.

Thus I repeat, I am mourning a Huge Loss at STJW…We lost a good thing…a Real Good Thing…

Thank You, Barb!  Thank you for what you did.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for your time, your patience, your motivation, your knowledge and the willing to share it with us all. 

God Bless You, Barb…

Thank You, Barb

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  1. You are forgetting a very important precept.

    God never closes a door without opening a window.

    To see the window, one often has to look at the whole room in which one stands. Yes, inset in the door was the window called zumba, but, have you looked around the whole room yet???


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