Who is That?

Have you ever wondered who that person looking back at you in the Mirror is?  Who is that stranger?  

It wasn’t that long ago, 5 years to be precise, that I would still look in the mirror and see  Myself.  I could see and recognize that Person.  I knew who she was.  Where she was going.  What she was doing.  I knew her.  

Now all I see is a Stranger.  

The fact of the matter is that this person has taken over during these past 4+ years and I really didn’t even notice.  I was too busy to look in the mirror anymore.  And when I did have the time, when I could have taken a sneak peek, I didn’t want to see.  I felt a transformation taking place.  Allow me to correct that.  A Huge Sudden Jolt changed me and my life instantly and from that moment on, it has only been getting worse.  That is, the Transformation.  I didn’t want to see this Person.  I didn’t know this person.  I didn’t want to know this person.  And now, Today, I looked in the Mirror and this Person is all I saw.    

Where did I go?  

I guess the first step is Acknowledgment and Realization.  I’ve done that.  Now, what would the next step be?  How do I get ME back?  

This may sound a bit vain, but when I saw that Stranger in the Mirror, she looks much older, worn, tired, worse for wear than I was.  This person didn’t have a Twinkle in her eye.  This person didn’t look Strong, Confident, Ready for whatever comes her way.  

"Stranger in the Mirror" ~ Chris Peters "The End and After"


Let me know if you find someone who matches any of those qualities I have described, that may just be Me.

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