Kid’s Movies??

Just finished watching Toy Story 3.  Dear Lord, how I cried!  😥 

What a Beautiful and Touching Movie!  If you haven’t seen it, do so! 

For those that know me, you may be thinking, “You ALWAYS cry with Movies.”  And while for the most part this is true, it is only with GOOD, Touching Movies. 

For example, “Babe.”  What can I say, the story touched me.  I want to say more, but I’m afraid to Spoil it for those who have yet to see it.  In a nutshell though, It leaves you filled with Hope and truly Inspired that you can be Anything you Want to Be!  Also, and this may sometimes get lost, You win So much with being Kind, Listening, and Respecting Others.

This one, you will probably, most likely laugh…”The Rugrats Movie.” 

I know, I know.  How could this Movie have possibly made me cry?  Not only is it from a Funny, Imagination-Filled, Toddler Toon Series, but they characters aren’t all that Good-Looking.  And yet, I cried.  Oh, and for the Record, I LOVED the Cartoon Series as well!  The hilarious “mispronunciation” of words.  The “Evil” Angelica.  Dude, I just Love the Rugrats! 

Why?  Well, that scene where Tommy is alone in the closet, wanting, yearning for his Mommy and Daddy’s attention and they’re exhausted from tending to Baby Dil…It just BROKE my Heart! 

There are SOOOOO many of these movies that I could go on for hours! 

It’s practically a given that “Tear-Jerkers” are just that.  But animated or “Kids” Movies,”  I have to tell you, they are Grossly Underrated!  There is so much thought, empathy, real-life morality and ethical behaviours that are intertwined, that we, as Grown-Ups could do far worse than sitting down and really paying attention to these “Kids Flicks.”

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  1. I know! And the comedies for kids have a much better plot than ‘regular’. I mean, the adult comedies are often more stupid than the kids!


    1. Much Better Writing most of the time, and not just in Comedies! It’s like Hollywood actually cares enough to write and produce and REAL Film. Whereas we adults, bah! We’re in their Pockets already. They have to grab the kids now and keep ’em 😉


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