I Really Need YOUR Help!

A couple of weeks ago, TJ Burdick from Teach Catholic.com and founder of Faith and Zeal.net aka Fe Y Celo.net asked if I would like to join his Blogging Community.

Borrowed from Pro Monumento al Santo Hno. Miguel.

Needless to say, I am Deeply Honoured at his request!

It has taken me this long to discern if I was worthy to join and if it was something that I should even be doing.

Allow me to elaborate.

When you visit Faith and Zeal.net and you click on the Authors/Autores Page, you will find that there is a link provided that will take you to read and learn more about their Patron Saint, San Miguel Febres Cordero.

This link will then take you to La Salle.org.

Here you will find a wealth of information about The Lasallian Family.  Their founder?

Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle! Mi Santo!!

Uncanny, I know!

And what was his calling? To serve the Youth. Boys specifically, but the Youth!

It was too much for me! It still is.

I cannot take this too lightly.

I have always loved serving and working with the Youth.  It is truly my Passion!  And here, Mi Santo did just that and now I was being asked to join this Blog.

But it is not just a thing where you join and contribute sometimes and that is all.


There are a few requirements.  Requirements that I must take to Heart, Live and Fulfill.

And I plan to do so, with Great Zeal and Ardour!  It has taken me this long to decide. And now I have.  I am going to do it!


Here is the clincher.

This is where you come in.  This is where I need your help.

I am nowhere near the categoria, the caliber of the authors now, thus, I am very, very insecure as to my bio and pic.

I have chosen two completely different pics of yours truly.  One goes with one post, the other, well, obviously with the other. 😛

For the handful of you that come to my blog and maybe know a bit about me, let me know what you think of my blurb, please!

I want to live up to the standard but not sound like I’m trying too hard.

Make sense?

Do I add that I was Blessed enough to attend the Blogger’s Meet at the Vatican? Or is that riding the wave? A wave that maybe has hit the shore long ago…

Well, here they are.  Let me know, Por Favor!!

Option 1


A simple sinner who aspires to one day truly be worthy of God’s Merciful Love and Compassion, she tries, as do many of us, to be a True disciple of Christ.

Her passion resides in working with youth.  Her experience ranges from teaching English and Environmental Education at the Prepa level in Valle de Guadalupe, Jalisco to working for the Archdiocese in Los Angeles as a Youth Coordinator at the Guadalupe Community Center, and at present, she volunteers her time assisting with various Youth Programs and Ministries in her Parish in Thornhill, Ontario.

You could say she is trying to reach the Youth of the Americas!  She suffers from a wickedly misunderstood sense of humour and a horrid Peter Pan syndrome! But it is precisely because of these and other failings that she feels called to Serve the Youth, and to help them, perhaps, if she can, in some way, through her many failings, to avoid making so many of the mistakes she made.

Option 2


As a Budding Cradle Catholic, she has been very Blessed to have had the opportunity to work and serve various communities in all 3 countries of North America.  Her passion, however, lies in working with and serving the Youth.

She has given birth to 5 Beautiful children and mothered hundreds more via many of the opportunities our Lord has given her to work with and alongside His Beloved Youth.  A young man once said, “Believe it or not, she really does love each and every one of you.”  And it is true, she does.


Thanks, Mumsie! Luv Ya ♥

2 thoughts on “I Really Need YOUR Help!

Add yours

  1. Oh, I just love the first one sweetie and the second one..and oh, how can I choose? You are so gorgeous and yes, you have great sense of humour but you want to be taken seriously as well and well, both of these gorgeous pics will make the kids’ hearts melt when they see you and the bio’s are so well written and I am so glad you found a way of working with them. Congrats sweetie!

    Now as far as choosing goes…. oh no, I still can’t! LOL! Send both pics to them and let them decide..heheheheh. I am off the hook! hahahaha!


    1. Awww, Shucks 😕
      Thank you for the compliment!! 😳

      And yeah, your reaction is pretty much what most have messaged me. 😉

      I leave it in His Hands.

      Thank you as ALWAYS for your time, kindness, and Motivation ♥

      God Love You ♥♥


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