We are Perfect! We are Perfect?

Everything happens for a reason…

He is always trying to communicate with us.  He is ALWAYS there, we just refuse to listen!

I don’t know how else to put it.

Yesterday I began sharing with you how we fall victims to Temptation because we are fallen…

Now, I am beginning to think that perhaps it is nothing but a cop out!

This morning, I log on and encounter mybroom‘s Blog.  Topic, “Does Suffering Bring us Closer to God?”

Talk about Powerful!!

Below you’ll find an excerpt…then, click on the link above and read it in its entirety.

Definitely a take I don’t encounter too often – perhaps not often enough – but one that Forces us to Take RESPONSIBILITY!

Scary thought, huh?

From PhotosOfBiblicalExplanations1.blogspot.com

It seems that one of the most difficult things for Christians to grasp is that Christ has made us perfect, as far as God is concerned we have no rough edges that still need to be knocked-of by trials and tribulations. God does not send us trouble to get us into shape, No! that already happened at the cross. The blood of Christ has brought us into perfect union with the Father, there is no more improvement possible.

It is our security in this union that enables and energises us to live lives we are proud of ~ we do this not because we must, but because we can. All expectation has been lifted from us by the perfect sacrifice of Christ ~ we are now formed in His image ~ identical twins with Christ.

Suffering takes place because we remain, for the time being, in a fallen world…that’s it!  [Emphasis mine]

I remember seeing a bumper sticker that went like this “Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet“… my friends that is garbage! God is finished with you ~ if you have placed faith in the sacrifice of Christ you are as perfect today as you will ever be ~ as perfect even as Christ himself. God cannot do any more to improve you, the blood of Christ has flowed once and for all ~ you have everything.

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