Let’s Enjoy the Ride

Do you ever feel like you just cannot accomplish a thing?

Leviathan Canada's Wonderland

Though the reality is, well, you probably have done quite a bit under the one of the many hats you sport on any given day!

School starts in days time! Ask me if I have my lesson plans ready…Go ahead…ask!

You’re not asking…I know. It’s because you know the answer.

I never realized I was that transparent…

With Him, I can do this! I can do ANYTHING!!

Even handle Homeschool; part-time employment at one of the BEST JOBS EVER!!!; my son going to University in a bit, and us still trying to forge a lasting and loving communicative relationship; my Gorgeous daughter getting married next year to the man she Loves!; No. 3 in ROTC; and No. 6 still super clingy…

Yeah…I got this! He’s got my back!

I just have to remember to stop, smile and enjoy the ride…

God Love You ♥

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