Your Highness

Did you know you are Royalty?88f745b7b7a6197839a07832274ee67b

Did you know that you, Girl, Woman…you are a Princess?
That you Boy, Man…are a Prince?

How quickly and easily this world tries to strip us of our inheritance, of our heritage! How quickly we are made to believe that we have no worth, no value!
The world tries to rob us of our Inherent Dignity!

Do not believe the lies! Do not fall for this treachery!

You are a child of the King of Kings…the Lord of Lords!
YOU are His! He loved you before you were born!
Think about that…try and wrap your mind around that one!

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…”~ Jeremiah 1:5

I know that it’s hard to believe that Someone can Love you just because. With no ulterior motives, no agenda, no selfishness. I mean, who’s going to buy that?!
It’s HARD!

And even harder at times is to believe that He exists! That He’s real. That He’s there. That He cares…

But close your eyes. Hear your breath. Listen to the beating of your heart. Think about the MIRACLE that is you! There is No One like you! Not even your twin! or triplet, quadruplet…etc.  😉

You get cut, you heal. You get sick, you get better. You cry, you rest. You hurt, eventually, you may forget or at least move on and the hurt is less…

Look at the world around you!  I mean really look at it! Smell the salty air of the sea. Taste the running stream from the majestic mountains. Look at how high those Rockies are! Look at the depth and breadth of the ocean…look up at the infiniteness of the heavens above…The Creator made that. And He made you!

You just need to let Him in, let Him come to you and tell you why He made you. For what purpose? What’s your Mission??

Don’t forget Brother…Sister…you are Royalty and deserving of Love and Joy!

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