A Rest from my Rants…

I want to thank those few people that are kind enough to give me and my writings the time of day  😉

I will not be able to post on a daily basis anymore.  I am taking up a couple more responsibilities along with searching for Employment that gets reimbursed 😕

My Present Employment, with Responsibilities that include but are not limited to Doctor, Chef, Housekeeping, Psychologist, Administrative Assistant, Editor, Consultant, etc…is lacking financial reimbursement.  And though that is not the reason one undertakes such Responsibilities…the Present Times do require an increase in the Finance Dept. 

So, if you know anyone that is hiring an Individual that Loves working with Youth, enjoys talking, writing and reading, please do let me know!

I will be posting at least 3-4 times a week.  A great suggestion is to sign-up for email notifications.  That way, you will know for certain when I do write something that may be worth your time.

A Huge Thank You to those people that stop by…

Mom  🙂

One thought on “A Rest from my Rants…

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  1. I will be praying for you to find the right position for you. You have been an inspiration, and a wealth of knowledge and friendship through your articles. I am unemployed at the moment myself, so, I have put that time into trying to advance a few traffic driving methods to my websites, which I now have a few items on for sale.

    It is not easy, seems every little thing one does with a new Domain or through the google god only confuses the bot crawler more on the already existing links and URL’s for the sites.

    It’s certainly not going to support me, but, as you already know these are items and interest for me, and always have been. I can only wish that I had the Antiques and things that I had before Hurricane Floyd came to town in 99. But, I wasn’t in to selling them then, and didn’t have the time on my hands as I now do.

    Basically, I just know somewhere deep inside, that all of this happened for a reason, and for such a time as this. God is in control, as you also well know. You may have already been looking into some of the things that I myself have contemplated,(but didn’t get too involved in the research ) like copywriting for a corporate blog, or copywriting articles at a price per word.

    Looking into it, just as everything else on the wide world of web, there are I ‘m sure more scams than legit copywriting seekers. Still I know that you have what it takes to do it…and that there are actual companies who are looking for good bloggers to do their corporate web pages.

    I also know of at least one free-lance blogger who makes a very nice living by writing for companies. There are things to learn of course, in many cases such as “KeyWords’ etc…but nothing that would take someone like you long to master.

    Personally, I have looked into it briefly, but, haven’t really found a big enough personal interest in it to really dive into all of what it takes to sell an article etc…And quite frankly, I am not that good of a writer anyway. You on the other hand I believe absolutely has what it takes.

    I get a newsletter almost daily still from one very informative study on the subject, and I have read some of it, though haven’t found where they actually go into the mechanics of finding someone to write for…but, they may, as, I usually don’t find the time to keep up with reading them. I signed up, and read the preliminary stuff they offered, and I liked what I read.

    You may be able to find the sign up info from this address which is from the newsletter that came in just today, but, if not, just google CopyBlogger.

    As far as finding someone looking for your work, I did google into some of the possibilities and found sites offering for you to send in your work ??? A set price per words etc.. I found one supposedly for starters offering 0.04 cents a word, and I forget the amount of words that is expected etc…

    I can’t verify the legitimacy, of course, of ANY of those type sites, but, as I’ve said I DO KNOW that people just like you, and some probably no where as good a writer as you are making money doing it .
    God Bless you
    Oh yeah… here’s the copyblogger addy:
    If you like you can contact me from either of my other web-sites through the ( Contact Us ) tabs. I would be more than happy to offer as much ,,,or as little information as it were that I have on the subject, but, I am sure that if it is of interest to you, you will be more thorough at getting it done.


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