Don’t want to do THAT again…

So I checked my Dashboard and have seen that I have TOO Many incomplete Posts.¬† ūüė¶

As I went and skimmed them, I want¬†to finish them, but they just don’t feel¬†right.¬† Not right now, anyway.¬† Especially the Dia de Muertos Post.¬†

I share this with you because it is a HUGE reminder of my Youth. 

I never really completed anything. 

I would start something…Projects, Schools, Courses, Jobs, Relationships…and would just Stop.¬† I wouldn’t finish, I wouldn’t complete anything, I wouldn’t follow through.¬† I would just Stop.¬†

I don’t want to fall back into that.¬†

My being on vacation was too enticing to stop blogging.¬† I didn’t post anything for a while.¬† I didn’t even let you, my two or three faithful readers know that I would be taking a break.¬† I did last time, but not this time.

I figured that what I shared really didn’t matter all that much anyway.¬† Who would miss it.¬†

Then I began sharing with my Sister, Tollita some of the comments that I have received.  I told her about some of the Amazing Bloggers I have encountered and begun reading. 

She obviously read the excitement in my expressions because she told me to get back to it!  She told me that I never know who is reading and how they could possibly be relating to what I write.  Moreover, that perhaps by reading my Experiences, they would know, KNOW, that they are not alone.  And THAT is well worth coming back for. 

Misery loves Company¬† ūüôā

To top things off, or lean the balance towards continuing what I have begun, I read a comment by an individual who read my post on San Martin de Porres¬†and she shared her and her Community’s struggle to keep their Parish, whose Patron Saint is San Martin de Porres, active.¬† It was inspiring to read and even more flattering that she shared it here!

Thus…I’m back.¬† Perhaps I won’t finish those Posts I have started.¬† But…I will try and post something, no matter how trivial on a more regular basis.

Thank you for Reading!

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