Don’t want to do THAT again…

So I checked my Dashboard and have seen that I have TOO Many incomplete Posts.  😦

As I went and skimmed them, I want to finish them, but they just don’t feel right.  Not right now, anyway.  Especially the Dia de Muertos Post. 

I share this with you because it is a HUGE reminder of my Youth. 

I never really completed anything. 

I would start something…Projects, Schools, Courses, Jobs, Relationships…and would just Stop.  I wouldn’t finish, I wouldn’t complete anything, I wouldn’t follow through.  I would just Stop. 

I don’t want to fall back into that. 

My being on vacation was too enticing to stop blogging.  I didn’t post anything for a while.  I didn’t even let you, my two or three faithful readers know that I would be taking a break.  I did last time, but not this time.

I figured that what I shared really didn’t matter all that much anyway.  Who would miss it. 

Then I began sharing with my Sister, Tollita some of the comments that I have received.  I told her about some of the Amazing Bloggers I have encountered and begun reading. 

She obviously read the excitement in my expressions because she told me to get back to it!  She told me that I never know who is reading and how they could possibly be relating to what I write.  Moreover, that perhaps by reading my Experiences, they would know, KNOW, that they are not alone.  And THAT is well worth coming back for. 

Misery loves Company  🙂

To top things off, or lean the balance towards continuing what I have begun, I read a comment by an individual who read my post on San Martin de Porres and she shared her and her Community’s struggle to keep their Parish, whose Patron Saint is San Martin de Porres, active.  It was inspiring to read and even more flattering that she shared it here!

Thus…I’m back.  Perhaps I won’t finish those Posts I have started.  But…I will try and post something, no matter how trivial on a more regular basis.

Thank you for Reading!


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