Avoiding the Stink

I MUST apologize for not having posted anything in a while…

I Apologize  😕

My reason is quite selfish and much needed.  We are on vacation with FAMILY!!   😀 

What I find quite amusing about being far from family and then going to visit can be summed up in an old Spanish Saying…

El Muerto y el Arrimado al los 3 dias Apestan.  ~ A corpse and an arrimado  – which  is an individual or group of individuals that come to visit or stay with you and usually, but not necessarily, don’t help out around the house – stink after 3 days.

Because of this saying, believe me, I am trying to not be an arrimada  😉 

When we are far from our Family and Friends, we want nothing more than to be with them.  We miss them so!  And I honestly believe that perhaps we idealize a bit what it is like when we are with them, and/or do the same with the people themselves.  We have certain expectations.  The reality, however, is usually quite different.  Remember, we are Sinful, Stinkin’, Fallen Creatures, thus imperfect.  Basically, we WILL stink after 3 days!  Not because we may choose to, but because that is how it is. 

We can’t wait to have Family and Friends over.  We can’t wait to see them.  Once they are there, we can’t wait until they LEAVE! 

We are so used to living in a certain way, doing things in a certain way.  We live our own routines, and when we have company, all gets altered.  We cater to our company and perhaps we can even resent them a bit because of this…

Now, knowing this, as I said, I am trying my Gosh-Darndest to not be that way!  To not be resented…So far so good…but who knows how long it will be until they want us to leave, if they don’t want it already 😉

Wish me Luck!

And as for all of you that also have company over for the Holidays…

Enjoy your Company.  You’ll miss them once they’re gone.  You may not believe it while they are there driving you insane, but you will.  Besides, you never know if this could be the Last time you get to “enjoy” their company. 
There can be nothing worse than that feeling of “I wish I would have…”

Oh, and for those couple of individuals who are more than kind enough to visit my Humble Blog every so often and know a bit about my boring existence…I truly apologize for just leaving you all hanging.  Please, continue stopping by so that I may continue to bore you to death 😀

3 thoughts on “Avoiding the Stink

Add yours

  1. You have quite of few places to go, Mi casa es tu casa.
    Espero y nunca te pase eso, pero a la hora que gustes te puedes ir con nosotros, mi corazón y mi casa están siempre abiertos para ustedes.


  2. Guests like fish should be thrown out after three days.
    ~ Old Saying that came from the British side of my family.

    Makes me wonder if there is a culture that gives more days to get out!


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