The Presentation of Our Lord Y Feliz Día de la Candelaria

You know, I haven’t seen many Presentations since I’ve been in Canada.  In fact, the only ones I recall seeing were my daughters’. 

Perhaps it is a Cultural Thing. 

It is not uncommon…more like it is the Norm, to Present your Children. 

We take them for La Presentación at or just before the 40 days of their Birth.  Why?  Because that’s what Our Blessed Mother did with Jesus.  AND, you also Present your Child to your Brothers and Sisters in the Faith, to your Church, so that they will Pray for her/him, AND, they get a Special Blessing from Father. 

One of the most Beautiful Presentaciónes that I ever saw was Eo’s.  My Cousin.  When he was about the 40 days, we, My Uncle, his Wife, my Family and I, took him to Father Samuel. 

Día de la Candelaria

Father Samuel did not have the Parents Offer/Present the Child during the Offertory, he asked the Parents to bring the Baby at the end of Mass to the foot of the Altar of the Tabernacle. 

La Virgen de la Candelaria

He would then recite a Prayer, Kneel at the Altar, take the Baby and on his knees make his way toward the Tabernacle, arms outstretched Presenting/Offering/Thanking the Lord, Our God for this Child entrusted to Us.  Ask that He Guide, Protect and Enlighten the Child and Parents alike. 

It was so Solemn.  So Moving. So Powerful!  It would truly give you Goose Bumps to Witness his Faith, his Passion, his Love for God and all of His Creations. 

Proud Madrinas en la Plaza Olvera

At the Presentation, the Baby is given a Medallita, a Little Medal from the Padrinos (Godparents), of the La Virgencita (Our Blessed Mother), a Crucifix or a Saint to whom one Especially asks to Intercede for this Baby or to whom she/he was Consecrated. 

I Miss That. 

I Miss Seeing that During Offertory. 

En Valladolid, Yucatán, México

Perhaps people just don’t know…

Well, for you who is reading this, Tell someone.  Maybe that someone has a Baby or is Pregnant.  And Maybe they can and will go ask their Priest to Present their Baby to Our Lord, Our Mother and Our Family, the Church. 

Now, on February 2nd, in México we Celebrate el Día de la Candelaria.  Candlemas.  Where there is a Candlelight Procession to as part of today’s Celebration.  Remember, Jesus is the Light of the World!  So it is only fitting.

And not only do we Celebrate with a Candlelight Procession, we also have a Dinner Party hosted by Los Padrinos del Niño.  Baby Jesus’ Godparents!

WHAT?!  Yes, you read that correctly. 


You see, on January 6th, the Epiphany, we cut a Rosca de Reyes.  It is a Sweet Bread in the shape of a Circle with Christmas colors, Red and Green.  And inside this Rosca is a Baby Jesus.  Okay, more like a tiny Plastic Baby, but it represents El Niño.  Every person that is present gets a Piece of the Rosca, even Children.  And whoever gets El Niño is the Padrino/Madrina.  The Godparent. 

How do you know you got El Niño?  When you’re eating your Pedazo de Rosca and you bite down on Him or Chew Him.  😀  Dangerous, but Fun!

To celebrate the Presentation of Our Lord and El Día de la Candelaria, the Godparent or Godparents make Tamales and invite everyone for Dinner Today. 

That is Another tradition that I Miss. 

El Niño

I am going to have to start Influencing my Friends and Incorporating these things into our repertoire of activities  🙂

Feliz Día de la Candelaria and Enjoy your Tamales!!

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