What is Scruples?

As per the advice of a Friend that knows me all too well…I am going to research and write on Scruples.

Not the Board Game!

Okay, so to begin, what the heck IS Scruples??

According to Advanced Christianity:

Scruples have been defined as an unreasonable fear of sin, producing spiritual anguish. This anguish affects the mind, making it see evil where in reality no evil exists, and the conscience, which is troubled by uncertainty. There is a great difference between the over scrupulous and the delicate conscience. The latter takes cognisance of the most trivial wrongdoing but it draws a clear distinction between imperfection and venial sin and between minor faults and grave ones. The man of scruples tortures himself with the thought that he has sinned deeply, whereas in fact his offence has been a venial sin or
no sin at all. In like manner we should not confuse scruples with a mistaken conscience. The latter is in error and its judgment a wrong one, but it is not in doubt; while the sufferer from scruples cannot reach a clear cut decision and is tortured by uncertainty.

This is just a taste.

I will share more with you tomorrow.  I have to finish reading.

So far though…Yup.  This is DEFINITELY Me…

Now I understand why Father Mario asked me:

Who made you the Fourth Person of the Trinity?

7 thoughts on “What is Scruples?

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    1. Here is where it can be more than a bit awkward…

      You know, but then, do we really KNOW the repercussions of our actions??

      We know it is bad. That much we should know. But we learn very early on to justify. Situational Ethics.

      “Well, it’s only bad if I hurt someone that didn’t deserve it.”
      “They do worse.”
      “Everybody does it.”
      “The suffering of one to benefit the many.”

      And the list goes on and on….

      This should prove a very interesting subject for me….And please, Adee, Do keep sharing, insights on this course will be very, very appreciated. 🙂

      God Bless
      in +JMJ+


  1. St. Ignatius suffered greatly from scruples, constantly going back to confession for things he had already confessed. In the end he decided to “reject” it and that was that. Many of his single lines generate volumes to explain, and this is certainly one of them! I look forward to this journey with you as I too have my frequent flyer list that I too need to reject.


    1. Me is a Cat named Booger…he’s on my back door step right now…begging to come in…problem is .. he beat his little brother up all the time as Kittens…and now, little Brother Beanie…Owns the house,,,lol they are a pare let me tell ya… no offense intended …Me!, just a truthful dedication to the cat your picture resembles….
      Bless You


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