Anti-Islam Sentiment on the Rise?

Have you also been bombarded with all the Anti-Muslim sentiment that seems to be quite pervasive?

It is in my Inbox, on the Web, on the Radio…I would say TV but we don’t have one, Thank God!  I think that I get more than my fair share of “junk” without it.

Not that I am bashing all TV Programming, mind you, there is some Good stuff on the air waves, but the reality is that after a long day at work, I am more likely to tune into the Boob Tube’s shows that Make me Think, you know, most of the Popular shows that spoon-feed us and distort our image of “Reality” and what we should be and How we should be…right along with giving us distorted rulers to measure ourselves by as opposed to the Only Ruler…Christ’s.

But I digress…

I don’t know how many articles and emails I have deleted that blatantly try to instill this Fear that Muslims are taking over the World!  That Muslims are Bad and Uncouth, to put it mildly.  Frighteningly enough, some are even Christian for Heaven’s Sake!

Just look at Norway’s Heart-Breaking Incident!

Here is an article that touches on the Anti-Immigrant/Anti-Muslim Sentiment in Britain.

Some are not so nice…

Are Muslims Taking over the World?

Some are just Frightening…

U.S. Congress holds Anti-Muslim hearing

And some seem to show a clearer picture…

NY Times Article, “Europe’s Muslim Population: Frustrated, Poor and Divided.”

This is nothing new to the World…We always look for a Scapegoat to our problems…

In the US, especially South-Western, though it is as far North as Chicago, it’s Mexicans and with the upcoming Anniversary of the 9/11 Tragedy looming, Muslims are getting a big dose of it as well…

Heaven Help Us All….

4 thoughts on “Anti-Islam Sentiment on the Rise?

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  1. I am the author of the article that you linked to: “Are Muslims Taking Over the World?”. You have cited my article as though it serves to instill in people the “fear that Muslims are taking over the world”. I’m afraid that you may have misread my article that that you have not understood the overall intent and meaning of my article. In fact, my article was written, indeed, to respond to this “fear” that you speak of that is common among those in our culture. The overall purpose of my post was simply to point out that the God of the Bible is sovereign and is in complete control of our world. The rapid spread of Islam is not something that is out of His control. Indeed, Muslims are NOT taking over the world. The God of the Bible is the only one in control of the world! As a Bible believing Christian, Christians believe that the God of the Bible will prevail in the end. Again, as a Bible believing Christian, the work of the Christian is not complete until every soul bows the knee to Christ Jesus as Lord. The fact that Islam is spreading, therefore, is a negative thing from a Christian’s perspective, since those who worship Allah do not bow the knee to Christ Jesus as Lord and God. The spread of Islam is a bad thing not because Muslims are any more evil than any other non-Christian in the world; instead, it is a bad thing because they do not have a relationship with the one true God through His Son, Jesus. Christians should not be fearful of the spread of Islam; instead, as I seek to point out, Christians should take comfort in the fact that the God of the BIble is in complete control of all things, including the spread of Islam. In the end, His kingdom will prevail, and every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess Jesus Christ as Lord. I love Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and people from every other religion in the world. But, my desire for all of them is the same as God’s: that they would turn from their sins and their false gods and place their faith in Christ Jesus alone for salvation, forgiveness of sin, and eternal life. My article has absolutely nothing to do with bashing Islam (since I love Muslims) but has everything to do with pointing people to place their hope in the one true God, through faith in Jesus. You refer to Jesus as the “Only Ruler”. I wonder if you REALLY believe that. Do you honestly believe Jesus to be your “ruler” and authority, as I do, when He claims to be the ONLY way to salvation, when He says “I am THE way, and THE truth, and THE life, and NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH ME” (John 14:6) and when Peter says of Jesus “And there is salvation in NO ONE ELSE, for there is NO OTHER NAME under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12)? If you do believe this, then I hope that you will join me in loving Muslims in the most loving way that we can–i.e., sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them and calling on them to submit to Jesus as Lord and God.


    1. I do SOOOOOOOOOOO Apologize!!!

      I have been meaning and had the Best of Intentions of responding and replying to your comment…and I will…SOON! God-WIlling 😕

      As I told others, I am being held hostage…and I am trying my Best to be free if only for a few minutes…

      God Bless You!!!


    2. Tyler,

      I do apologize once again for not commenting sooner. When I get a chance to come on-line, I try to Post more than anything else. Not right, I know, because then it seems that I do not care about those, that like you, take precious time out of their day to comment.
      I am grateful for you and all that do take the time, thank you.

      Now, I have put my Post on hold to reply.

      You see, the reason that your Article gives off a negative vibe is quite simply owed to the video you start with.
      It is Ominous! That simple.
      Take a step back and look at it again.

      The Music, the tone…it does not state the message you are trying to get across. Which I understand to be what all Christians are called to do, Proclaim the Good News of the Gospel! It is the Great Commission after all!

      When I say that Jesus the Christ is the Ruler by which we should all measure ourselves by, I DO mean it.
      That does not, in any way imply that we do, DO IT! If we did, our world would be a very different world. I am sure you can agree.

      There is one thing that you write in your comment that I do not agree with:

      “God of the BIble is in complete control of all things, including the spread of Islam”

      We have control of Our Choices. He has given us Free Will. He cannot control or take over unless we Surrender to Him.

      Your message is a good one. You are open and willing to discuss and communicate. God Bless you for that!

      If you want to avoid being misinterpreted, if I may, choose wisely.
      Tension is a good thing 😉

      But to send conflicting messages leads to, well confusion. Hence your having to clarify.

      To provide a clear example, it is as if someone is telling you they hate you, can’t stand you, all the while, they have placed their hand on your shoulder and speak softly and gently to you. Or vice versa.
      Someone says the words I Love You, but shout them at you, while giving their back to you as they walk away.

      Point is, conflicting messages.

      God Love You, Tyler ♥ And thank you again for taking the time to read and comment on my Humble Blog 🙂


  2. Please check back in around an hour or more. Michael Coren actlualy did a short segment on his show on this. I will add it as a new post when it’s ready. Not a lot of new information, but the fact that a national TV broadcaster was even willing to admit it happened is IMO big news.


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