Youth Minister Application Questions and Answers

-Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the son of God, he is the light, he is love, he is a friend in a time of need, he is the salt of the earth, he is our savior who gave up his precious flesh and blood for the forgiveness of our sins. He calls to each an everyone of us to follow him to be kind, honest, caring, loving, self sacrificing and to have faith not only in him but more importantly in God who in is loving nature created the universe.

What is Youth Ministry?

Youth ministry is a ministry within the Church run by youth but its much more then that. Youth Ministry is Jesus calling us to live up to his tough expectations, to come together as one in order to teach, celebrate, and glorify his most holy name so that we may come to a better understanding and closeness to God, Jesus, and his most holy Church.

What is expected of a Youth Minister?

A Youth Minister is expected to be a soldier of God, to follow him and have faith in him. A Youth Minister is expected to be teachers and outspoken about their beliefs to be able to defend their faith and ultimately be role models to other youth. A Youth Minister is expected to follow the teaching of Jesus and the Catholic Church and apply them to the world so those lost or in the dark about their beliefs might be found by the light of Jesus Christ.

I’ve already submitted them to Church 🙂 pray that I’m called in for an interview!

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