Is it?

There are many things in this world that hurt.

Scraping your knee after a fall.

Smashing your fingers on the car door.

One of the worst, at least in my humble opinion, is the hurt that comes from a betrayal.

This can come in many forms.

Someone that you trust and care deeply for says an unkind word, or shares something you told them in confidence.

A person that you thought was your friend goes around bad-mouthing you.

The person that you have chosen to love displays affection and/or attention elsewhere.

Now, this last example will be different for each person.

I know that flirting can be quite innocent. I tend to do it quite a bit…Hey, I am a flawed individual with a fragile ego, K.

I know, not an excuse, but, I am using it as one 😉

Oh, and so you know, I hate double standards, unless of course I am the one “benefitting.”

Why this comment?

Because though I am a very friendly individual and yes, do flirt at times, if my Husband did it, it would hurt!  Deeply!  Quite frankly, I would feel betrayed!

Now we can sit here and go over a bunch of societal norms, our families of origin, personalities, that we know our limits and can control them, blah, blah, blah…

Fact would still remain that it is quite simply a double standard.

However, one can sit here and argue that having set a precedent does factor in…

Why this all of a sudden out of nowhere post?



Oh yeah…I have decided to open up a can of worms…

Let me just end this post by saying, Thank God for Retrouvaille!!

2 thoughts on “Is it?

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  1. Once you are having private conversations about your spouse, complaining about your spouse, going to the trouble of making sure you look perfect going to work, lying to your spouse, staying at work late, hiding phone calls, texts, and emails. Yes and wishing that someone else was your wife or husband. You have as they say in the bible “lusted in your heart” already. I know you didn’t touch the person, but one thing leads to another.

    You are so right God Bless Retrouvaille for opening our eyes, ears, and hearts to the pitfalls of betrayal.


    1. More than opening our eyes…Retrouvaille has taught me – and I would hope that others would say the same – how to Survive the Hurt, Pain and yes, Trauma of Betrayal…

      More important that it is OKAY to fight for your Marriage and Forgive ♥


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