Another Marriage Saved

I asked some time back if I could share this article with you all.

It is titled “We Were Emotionally Separated” by BJ Lynch.

This individual has been kind enough to allow me to share their experience with you.

BJ Lynch is also a Retrouvaille Fan!  In Las Vegas, Nevada!! You will find their site here.

You know, after reading a few of the articles on the Las Vegas Retrouvaille site, I am not afraid to admit that I have been skirting around many things…

My husband has been much more direct…

Here is one of his posts:

I’m Not Happy Anymore! – The Truth Behind Marriage Myths

There are others, from him and from yours truly…just search in that little rectangle on the upper right hand side…

Search for Retrouvaille and/or Marriage…

I wish you all a Wonderful Weekend, but above all, now that we have entered February and are so close Valentine’s Day…a day that can be very dreaded…know that there IS Hope…And I wish you all the Courage to seek it.  I challenge you to fight for your Marriage and Not give up!

God Love You ♥

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