A Prayer for Expectant Mothers

A Beautiful Prayer shared by The Practicing Catholic!

From The Practicing Catholic
From The Practicing Catholic


Dear Father in heaven,

I love my baby, and I look forward to his/her happy birthday. Grant me peace of mind.

Grant me the faith, hope, and endurance that belong to true love. I look forward with confidence.

I trust in your divine help as I prepare to give birth
to your new creation.

Please listen to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as she prays for me to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

Through Jesus Christ, Mary’s Baby born in Bethlehem.


4 thoughts on “A Prayer for Expectant Mothers

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    1. Congratulations!!! ♥

      I wish you many, many more! My Mom is not shy about telling us all that though she does Love us, she definitely Enjoys her Grandchildren more…she has said loves them more/different… 😉

      But I know what she means. She has more time for them and has learned from the moments lost with us to value any time you have with these Bundles of Joy ♥

      Thank you for your comment…
      And I agree with you…HOW??

      Again, to quote my Mom, if they don’t want it, Give it to ME!!! 😦


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