Wishing You Better Health Than…

Let’s hope by next Columbus Day all Americans have better health care options than the crew of a 1492 second-hand cargo ship.

~ Unknown Author

From History.org The Niña, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria
From History.org
The Niña, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria

Thought this would be a great quote to start this post. It ties in nicely, do you not think?

Quite difficult to believe that it has been over a week, for here on the home front, it has been anything but slow or peaceful.

Everyone has been ill, I mean EVERYONE!

Fevers, chills, tummy problems, strep, viruses, and that does not include the littlest and his bronchiolitis, which is back in action.

From all of the above, it is the last of these that worries me the most. Last winter we were at the hospital every 3 weeks approximately, breathing treatments. They say he may outgrow it, God I sure hope so. It is heart wrenching to see him with the face mask, struggling, crying. Oh and then one of those times, pneumonia! That chest x-ray contraption! I cried like a baby! Seeing him in that device, so helpless, arms up, tube tight around his tiny, defenseless torso. Yeah, don’t want that again.

I Pray you are all doing much, much better. 🙂

God Bless †

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