This is from 2015!

So I have decided to pick up once again. I have missed writing.

As I was prepping to begin, I noticed I had drafts, so…

Here is one from only a few years back 😉



How do they do it?From

That’s all I would like to know…how do these Moms do it and keep it together and still manage to look fantastic and…and…and…ugh! They just make it look effortless!

I am talking about homeschooling, working, being a Mom, being a Wife, being a Daughter, being a Sister, being a Friend.

I will be quite honest, I am loving the homeschooling. I love seeing my kids have those moments where they understood and grasped a new concept! It’s quite awesome really. I am truly Blessed to be able to witness this firsthand and God-Permitting continue to do so for many years to come.

I love my job! I love what I am doing. Yes, it can be overwhelming at times, not getting everything done when I would like to be, not having enough hours in a day, but I do love it. I love that I get to serve in a more tangible way, tangible for me. We all serve and have that opportunity, though sometimes in some of our places of employment, we may lose sight of that, I know I did.

I thank God that He has given me another opportunity to be a Mom to a young crew once again, seeing as I failed my eldest quite miserably…I am grateful that He has trusted me once again to help guide and direct His children, my kids, All of My Gorgeous Babies.

I am thankful to have a wonderful Husband who supports me and supports my endeavours.

I am extremely grateful for my wonderful Familia! For Fantastic Friends, new and old! Old because I didn’t just meet them, not old, like decrepit and old! Trust me, there’s a reason I have to clarify. We all have that one friend…

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