Oh But To Be Like A Child

It’s so wonderful to see a usual hard-nosed critic’s soft, gentler side 🙂

I am a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay. What can I say 😉
I became a fan after watching a season of Hell’s Kitchen.
Admittedly, I only saw one season, but I truly enjoyed Chef Ramsay’s quips!

I have seen a couple of episodes of Master Chef and again, Chef Ramsay shines with his straight-forward challenges and critiques. He is joined by restaurateur Joe Bastianich and chef Graham Elliott.

While a couple of episodes don’t provide me with enough insight to “know” their personalities, they definitely were not like they are with these über talented kids in MasterChef Junior.


Tonight was the first full episode I watched. I have seen snippets here and there and liked it. But tonight’s episode, well, it moved me to tears.
Joe Bastianich was so sweet, kind, caring! The way he motivated these kids, the way he lifted their crushed and disappointed spirits…I loved it!!

Especially when he lifted Oona after Chef Ramsay was direct, and well, cold.
I understand why. But seeing that little girl crushed by his words. She was already beating herself up. All the kids do!!
All that pressure!! They want to do their best. They do not want to disappoint anyone!

They pressure themselves greatly. To tears when they make a mistake. It’s heart-wrenching. 😦
Again, they don’t need any help in the feeling horrible department.

When that little girl was crying after Ramsay’s critique, it melted my heart to see and hear Joe Bastianich tell the little girl what was great about her dish. His word choice was gentle in regards to her presentation.
He motivated her and provided hope by reminding her that we all make mistakes but we do not give up.
He was awesome!!

Another very touching moment, a very brief, quick camera shot demonstrates why we must all be like children. 🙂

In most all competitions there is a cutthroat attitude. Squash your opponent! Defeat or be defeated, whereas with these kids, as with most all children, the attitude is one of fun, of being there for one another, supporting each other. These kids are honest, they are pure, they can and do teach us so much!

That shot I mentioned, is one of a child helping another carry a very heavy, very full basket of ingredients for their shepherd pie making challenge.

They have an hour. Every moment counts. Knowing this, they still help one another and even share their ingredients.
They root for each other! They genuinely cheer everyone on.

You have to watch this very welcome, very needed, family entertainment that encourages positive and friendly competition with character building traits to boot 😉

Did I mention they are between 8 and 13 years of age?!?!? 😉

God Bless

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  1. I haven’t seen this new episode of Junior Master Chef, but we watched the whole first season together as a family. What was most notable about the Junior competitors compared to the adult Master Chefs is that the kids were are so supportive and kind to each other. It was great to see. 😀

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