Life On The Internet

You want to know something truly funny.
As I type this, I am surrounded by parents waiting for their kids to finish a class.
What are we doing? On our phones. No human contact…
And am I initiating any?
Nope, I am sharing with you.

Enjoy this great post!
She hits on so many things that will hopefully make us pause and think.

Also, thank you again for the mention šŸ™‚


I decided to walk to the grocery store in order to enjoy the beautiful snowfall, and I will have you know that I greeted and tried speaking with every single person with whom I crossed paths.
Sure some looked at me a bit weird, but I am trying to “connect” the Old Skool way šŸ˜‰

Bad Blogger

My attention was recently drawn to a blog post by From The Pews.

Such a short, simple postĀ had meĀ contemplating this digital age we live in. It has given usĀ so much. Technology & those who study/create it have provided the world with innovative tools for building/creating, healing, inventing, doing business, staying in touch with far-away friends & family, & even making new friends despite distance & other circumstances. It has afforded us new, sometimes easier ways to earn a living & support our loved ones. Blogging & YouTube are among the many tools people use to gain the notoriety which has led to some of those people being able to make ends meet without doing much more than sitting in front of a computer screen. We can thank YouTube for Justin Bieber.

0123-fish-split-bieber-1Speaking of Justin Bieber, that brings me to all the other undesirableĀ things our digital age hasā€¦

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