Ontario’s Sex-Ed Curriculum…Coming in September…

You know, the holidays are starting to wind down and with them it seems that parental concern over the changes to the Sex-Ed Curriculum in Ontario are as well.


To assist in spiking it back up, HERE is a link to the “Background Information for Parents.”  This document also provides links to other sites:

Gender Identity and Gender Expression.  Ontario Human Rights Commission. (2014)

Lessons in Learning: Learning about Sex and Sexual Health.  Canadian Council on Learning. (2009).

Sexual Health Education in the Schools: Questions and Answers. 3rd Edition.  Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN). (2010).

Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education. Public Health Agency of Canada. (2008)

Though access to this last one is a pain! I have to contact the Govt. of Canada for an alternate form as the pdf seems to not function…  😛

If you are hoping to find specifics on the curriculum, don’t waste your time, I could find NONE.

Also, that “Survey” that the Liberals are sending around is BOGUS!!!!

Thanks to concerned parents that information is being leaked! You can read about it HERE.

I am providing a small excerpt:

Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum consultation provides no information to parents on the curriculum.


The parent whistleblower expressed extreme frustration that the package contains no detailed curriculum information or examples and that parental input is being severely limited.

“At parent council, the parents were very upset that the government has selected one parent. They believe, as I do, that all parents should be able to review the material and have their opinion on it. Whether it is age appropriate for the children. People are very passionate that they be allowed to parent.”

Principals are allowed to select only one representative from each school’s parent council to fill out the survey, which was to be completed last Friday.

The package makes it clear that parental feedback will only be one component considered when finalizing the curriculum, “alongside expert advice, academic literature, and the extensive consultations already completed to finalize the Health and Physical Education curriculum, Grades 1-12, for implementation in Ontario classrooms in September 2015.”

The survey includes a list of questions the parent describes as “concerning because they are so mushy and vague.” Respondents, for example, were asked to indicate what extent they agreed about the following statements regarding inclusiveness:

• I believe that it’s important that my child(ren) see themselves reflected in the curriculum.

• It is important to me that my child(ren) are exposed to all kinds of diversity through the school curriculum.

The survey defines diversity as “factors such as ethnicity, sex, physical or intellectual ability, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and other similar factors.”

~ KEVIN GAUDET, Toronto Sun

As a very concerned parent, I did go and read the Health and P.E. Curriculum for grades 1-8. The areas that have to do with sexual health all say that it is the same as the 1998 edition and provides some brief examples of what the student is to have learned. Oh, and it does state that changes are coming.

Once you click on the Background Information for Parents, it makes it pretty darned Clear that the new sex-ed curriculum is being implemented in September of 2015. So tell me why the survey? To make further fools of us parents?

I am the parent. I have the RIGHT to decide how and when I want my child exposed to Sex-Ed.  You may be thinking, “Opt-out.” Not so easy. Even if you can, come on now, we all know that on the school yard kids talk. No safety.

Thus, this Mom will become a homeschooler if something does not change come September.

Keep on Praying!!

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