The Real Presence

As I shared with you yesterday, my Pastor is on a pilgrimage. He is sharing daily reflections with us all via the Parish’s website,

Yesterday he shared with us a Eucharistic Miracle that occurred en el Santuario de Santa María A Real do Cebreiro .


There have been many of these types of miracles documented.

Wait, what is a Eucharistic Miracle you ask?

It is when God has chosen to once again, demonstrate His Love for us. To show us how we are never alone, that He has kept His word, that He is with us, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity…The Real Presence.

Every Mass, everywhere in the World, we witness a Miracle! We take it for granted. A lot…too much. But it is miracles such as the one Father Peter shared that remind us, that should remind us of His Love and of just how Blessed we are.


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