Do YOU have it?

This was too funny, too true, and too necessary to not share, once again….



This is a virtue that eludes most of us, but especially those that, like me, like to learn and know.

Knowledge is a powerful tool…a necessary tool, but in some ways, perhaps a dangerous tool?  No, let me correct myself!

Knowledge is a TOOL! How we use it and act when we possess it, is the gift, the benefit, or the danger.

Hmmm…Much, much, better!

The most detrimental “virtue” one may acquire is arrogance.  That is why this quote is something that I must remind myself of each and every day…

Though, I do have to confess, God has a way of reminding me to be humble in many other ways as well.  God definitely has a sense of humor!

“Humility is an elusive virtue. The more we pursue it—and the more we seem to acquire it—the more we take pride in our accomplishment, and we find ourselves back at square one. ”

— from Love in the Little Things

And if this is not enough…

When we get frustrated with people who will not listen, we have to consider what Jesus would do—pray!


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