Have YOU Ever Wondered?

Lord, help me to vanquish my quick-trigger impatience, to contain my often unhealthy curiosity and my inordinately unbridled imagination, my readiness to speak badly of others, and pull down the walls of my pride and haughtiness.  ~ 39 New Saints You Should Know

Talk about a MOUTHFUL! 

Do you ever wonder if God gets tired of our whining, our groveling when we want something, our neediness?  Especially since it seems to happen mostly when we’re going through difficulties. 

I know that there are some people out there that Good or Bad, go to Our Lord.  They Thank Him in the Good times and in the Bad.  They utilize the Unfortunate times to grow closer to Him.  To Find Him. 

Then there are the rest of us…

I wonder…

Yes, I know that He Loves us in spite of us.  I know this.  I know that God is NOTHING like us.  God is Perfection!  We can’t begin to wrap our tiny Human minds around this concept.

But still…don’t you wonder?

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