Prayer for Happy Employment

I had seen this Prayer a while back and I have Prayed it.  Believe me, I have prayed it!
I wanted to Post it and Share it with you as soon as I read it, but I wanted to wait…I wanted to wait until TODAY!

San Juan Diego’s Feast Day!

What more appropriate day?  And besides, between you and me, I’m hoping that it may have a bit more “pull” today 😉

Dear Juan Diego, when the Lady of Tepeyac Hill gave you her picture,
 She also gave you a task to fill your days with happy labor.
It was your privilege and joy to spend the hours caring
 for the chapel of the Tilma, telling its story to those who came there.
Here the time of your earthly pilgrimage passed quickly and happily because you worked for Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Dear Juan Diego, please help me find steady employment that my time
 and talent may be devoted to the tasks suited to my nature and ability.

May my hours of toil then, give fair return and more to him who hires me.

 May my work not be done for mere profit, or just to make a living.
 Rather, may it be done to make of myself,
one more able to honor the Creator.

 May it be done with reverence and appreciation of the materials,
all supplied by God, and only modified by man.

May my work be done to enjoy the benefits of skilled and honest craftmanship.

And especially let my work be done to make known and lead others
to love the same Lady you serve so well.

Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

~ From the Page of Andrew Cusack

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