To have that “Ridge”

Gratitude and Forgiveness…

I cannot wait until I have reached the Maturity, both physically and Spiritually to realize both of these.  I read Fr. Ron Rolheiser’s Post, “Getting it down to the Essentials,” and it made me sigh.  You know that long, from your deepest inner core, longing sigh?  That sigh.

I want to reach that level of Maturity.  I want to drain my existence, my body of all the hurt, the pain, the rejection, the abuse, the neglect…I can go on and on here, but it’s best you read the article.  Suffice it to say, that I am also a “gifted child.” 

I suppose it’s a matter of Faith.  I suppose that one day, I will get hit with the realization, the Enlightenment from the Holy Spirit that this, the way I’m living, cannot go on. 

When I say this, it is not like I don’t know it now.  It’s just that I tell myself that I will forgive, move on, see the Holy Spirit in others, I Pray for all of this, but…well, like I said, I tell myself and I try, but I am not there yet. 

Perhaps one day.  In the meantime, as with all else in Faith, I must not give up.  I must keep trying.  I must keep Praying.  I must keep Believing.  I must keep emptying myself out of all the Negativity to allow the Holy Spirit to fill me with His Guidance, Patience, Strength, Wisdom and Love. 

And as always, continue asking our Blessed Mother for Her Constant Intercession before Christ, our Lord.  As our Mother, I suppose it’s one of our better “Angles.”

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  1. I agree with you. that you are probably closer to being that person than you even know…I mean, when you say …that the Holy Spirit will convict you to accept who you ready are in Christ. I agree with you on most things…Can’t agree on the part about asking Mary to intercede though, but, we don’t all have to believe everything exactly alike I guess.
    God Bless you


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