The Disease

Father Mario spoke tonight about Ridding ourselves of the Silence.

He talked about the Diseases that burden us.  He mentioned how we, as a society, focus on the Physical, Visible Diseases.  And while those are Horrid, he focused on those that are not as visible and Plague us All!

Two, right off the bat were Pride and Selfishness.  Of course we can all think of many, many more. 

Now, when he said we needed to break that Silence, he referred to that fear of being judged, how others would see us if they knew of those Diseases with which we are Plagued. 

Here’s the thing, I am willing to BET that we are ALL Plagued with these Diseases!  Perhaps not to the same extent, nevertheless, we are Plagued. 

My Papà Eliseo would always say, “Others didn’t Support us, so what right did they have to talk about us.”  Well, in a much more graphic manner, but this is what he meant.  😉  I see the value in what he said.  Don’t agree with it completely, yet, I see the value. 

I feel there is much to be gained if we stop worrying about Appearances.  You see, the reason my Papá Eliseo would go on with rants about Others Judging us, is because my Mamá Lola, God Bless Her, would…Does, rather, worry a great deal about Others’ opinions.  What they think.  What they’ll say.  How our Family looks, morally speaking.  Manners.  Always being Proper.  Those types of things.  I suppose it really got under his skin.  Thus, he was quite vocal about it.

I say we have much to gain if we open ourselves if we share our struggles.  We do not exist in a vacuum.  Others go through, and have gone through, what we have and are going through.  If we look for support, we’ll find it.  If we look for advice, oh yeah, we’ll get TONS of it.  If we seek guidance, it will also come. 

Father stated how we Parents are ruled by our young.  He is AbsoPosiLutely RIGHT! 

We are afraid of denying our kids anything.  Some Parents may fear the 9-1-1 call as Fr. said.  Others may fear their kids not loving them (I am guilty of this).  Others want their kids to have everything they didn’t.  And some just want their kids to have it ALL!  Whatever the EXCUSE, yes, EXCUSE…Whatever it is, we are ruled by our young. 

I have seen little girls, no older than 3 or 4 yrs of age getting mani and pedi’s!  I see kids that have no need for a cell phone with an iPhone (if they’re getting dropped off and picked up by their parents from school, they do not need it, did I mention they’re like 8!!).  There are kids with overpriced clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

Believe me I UNDERSTAND!  I do.  But then what are we going to do as they grow up and they have been brought up with this sense of ENTITLEMENT??  Then what happens?  There’s a saying, “Cria Cuervos y te sacaran los ojos.”  Raise Crows and they will take your Eyes out.  Do you understand what I mean?  The good ole’ “Give them an arm and they’ll take a leg.”  Wait, I think that one is in Spanish too.  Here it is, “Give them and Inch and they’ll take a Mile!”  The Blessings of being Bilingual, you get your sayings all jumbled up.  😉  But I digress…

Father hit the nail on the head.  We need to find that Middle Ground with our Kids.  Too Strict is not good, but neither is too lenient and giving. 

We need to speak up about those Diseases that Plague our Homes!  Our Families!  Our Lives! 

By doing so, perhaps we can all work together to “cure” them.  If these Diseases are out in the Open, and we see them for what they are, DISEASES, then they’re less likely to rule over us because we’ll all have the knowledge of their existence and we can all keep each other in check, so to speak. 

Make sense??


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