TV’s Trojan Horse

    As a Parent,  If you ask yourself what's worse than Family Guy, Jerry Springer and other similar trash on TV ?  You might say Nothing is Worse.  After All, that's as Bad as Television can get. You might want to think the question again though.  Family Guy and Jerry Springer have become far too obvious... Continue Reading →


Last night, the Topic was Balance. Ideally we are to achieve, and it is our Obligation, as parents, to help our Children achieve, Balance.  Physical, Mental and Spiritual Balance. Father Mario spoke of how in our Society, our Subjective Society, there is plenty of focus on the Physical and Mental realms of our lives.  Looking good,... Continue Reading →

The Disease

Father Mario spoke tonight about Ridding ourselves of the Silence. He talked about the Diseases that burden us.  He mentioned how we, as a society, focus on the Physical, Visible Diseases.  And while those are Horrid, he focused on those that are not as visible and Plague us All! Two, right off the bat were Pride and Selfishness. ... Continue Reading →

Love Enough

  Jesus Christ loves us enough to tell us the truth about ourselves. Those who use other people instead of seeking their authentic good rarely tell them hard truths. It’s too risky; pointing out their failings may result in offense and rejection – like parents who are afraid to discipline their child. But love will... Continue Reading →

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