A Yellow Summer Vacation

What an amazing Summer Vacation I had!

Yes, I know that Summer is not yet over, but as corny as this may sound…

My Sunny Days are gone…

Literally and figuratively!

The weather today is gloomy and raining.

My heart is gloomy and due to the tears, raining as well.

My Beautiful Pu’Kin and Handsome Boys were with me for 5 weeks!  Well, the youngest Angel Baby was for 5 weeks, my Middle Shorty was only here for 2 as he had Summer School to attend.

To quote him,

I may have failed English, but I excelled in Communication as I made many, many new Friends!

Needless to say, he is not very ashamed or disappointed as his grades.  Such A Teen!  Lord help Us!

You know, as empty as I feel, every so often, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of Hope!

You see, my Pumpkin Princess stated that she will be returning in January to study in the Great White North…

I want to believe that this is true, but in this case I will be very much as Santo Tomas…

Hasta no ver, no creer…

I know it’s not the best position to take, but I can’t afford, nor do I want another Heart Break .

Along with my Pu’Kin…my Angel Baby wants to come back as well.

In fact, he didnt’ want to LEAVE!  And believe me…I did not want to let him go!

And yet I did…

Their Father is getting Married in November, and as I did not want my Children to not be there for My Wedding, I won’t deprive him of the same.

Now, I could have kept my Angel Baby here and sent him in November for the weekend…but here are my excuses…

Yes, Excuses, for I know that they are NOT reasons!

1. They have to size him.

2. They have to choose their suits or tuxedos still.

3. They have rehearsals to attend.

4. I want him to be with his Dad for the entire experience.

5. If he is to move back to be with me, then this is his “good-bye.”

6. My Pumpkin Princess will be coming out in January, they can come out together.

7. They will both be able to spend Christmas and New Year with their Dad and in the New Year be with me.

8. My Shorty may not be coming in January, as he has many reasons to stay,  to be read as friends, girls, football…

And I could go on listing my Excuses…but there is just 1 reason and One Reason alone…





It is that simple.
That Disgusting.

I Am A Coward….

2 thoughts on “A Yellow Summer Vacation

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  1. You have such an open heart. I see Him in you.

    “And if we are strong enough
    to be weak enough
    we are given a wound
    that never heals.
    It is the gift
    that keeps the heart open”.

    – from poem “Night Dreams” by Oriah


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