Youth, Media, and Evangelization

After going to Rome for the Blogger’s Meet and witnessing the Power of Technology…The Awesome Power of Social Networking and the Internet…The Vatican is right on with their page:

It’s available in Spanish, English, Dutch, French, and of course Italian.

This page offers many Services, but the one that is gaining the most attention and is in my humble opinion, being and going to be utilized the most is Living World Faces.

Youth from ALL over the World have access to the Web in Madrid,  thank you Vatican and Mobile Crew from Pope 2 U, and can upload – and their friends and family can download and they will be able to also, when they get back home –  pictures from Madrid, from WYD via Living World Faces.

Images from WYD will be available via for all of us to see and for the participants to download, print, share and best of all EVANGELIZE their Friends via the Web!

Having been Blessed and Fortunate enough to have Chaperoned to Steubenville this year, I had, and continue to have, the First-Hand opportunity to see the Power of Evangelizing via Media, via the means that Our Youth Communicate and Socialize.  And I have to tell you, it is AWESOME!

These kids have such FIRE!  Such Passion, Such Energy!  All we have to do is assist in guiding them down that Straight and Narrow and they will bring others along, No Problem!  I see it!  I saw it! And I KNOW it will continue to be this way!

World Youth Day or Jornada Mundial de la Juventud

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