Over a Year!

Amidst the chaos which I now call my life…I, for once in a great long while, decided to check up on the Saint of the Day.

When I saw that it was Santa Maria Goretti, I almost fell backwards off my seat!

It was over a year ago that I shared with you the small summary of her life…

Today I want to share with you this quote:

Maria may have had trouble with catechism, but she had no trouble with faith. God’s will was holiness, decency, respect for one’s body, absolute obedience, total trust. In a complex world, her faith was simple: It is a privilege to be loved by God, and to love him—at any cost.

~American Catholic.org

“She had no trouble with Faith…”  How I wish that was my problem…

“In this complex world…” I truly believe we complicate it!  We make things so much more difficult than they need be.  It’s almost like we Love the Drama!

I have to try and remember at every moment that it IS a privilege to be loved by God and that yes, I should Love Him, Believe in Him, Trust in Him at any cost. 

Believe it or not…just by simply Blogging, I am nourished…

I feel a sense of Responsibility, as it were, in regards to what I share with you.  I have told you so much and yet, it has been a while since I have said anything at all…during this “dry spell” I have gotten caught up in “Worldly” matters and left what Nourishes Me, Heals Me and Makes me Better on the wayside…

Gracias Señor por este don de poder escribir, compartir y sobre todo de vivir todas las experiencias que me haz puesto en el camino…

Ayudame a Siempre saber darte Gracias, pero sobre todo, Ayudame a tener FE!


2 thoughts on “Over a Year!

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  1. Dear “From The Pews”

    You always put a smile on my heart.

    My definition of evil is distraction . . . anything and all that distracts us from what is essentially important during our earthly journey.

    In baseball they say “keep your eye on the ball”.

    You might enjoy the art and work of Dan Snow, “In the Company of Stone” http://www.inthecompanyofstone.com

    Spanish to English translation, compliments of Google Translate:
    “Thank you Lord for this gift of being able to write, share, and above all to live all the experiences that make me put on the road …

    Help me always to know thank you, but above all, help me to have FAITH!”


    1. Thank you for the link…I will definitely check it out momentarily…

      As for helping you to have Faith…

      Dear Lord!! If I could do that for ANYONE, what a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT for a menial existence 😀

      If anything I ever write or have written helps anyone in anyway…then all the credit…all the Praise…all the Glory goes to Our Lord!!!

      Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding my words and my Fingers as I type…

      And thank YOU for such Kind words and taking the time to stop by….

      God Bless You and Yours!


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