Summer is Here and What A Gift We Received 25 Years Ago

June 21st. 

We get to celebrate the Summer Solstice!  The Longest Day of the Year.

Some kids are out on Summer Vacation, like My Babies.  Others, have a bit more to go, like here in Canuck Land.

But what has me Ecstatic on this day is that 25 Years ago, as my Mami always puts it:

México Perdio, pero Yo Gané!

Allow me to explain…

In 1986 El Mundial…The World Cup took place in México.

El Mundo Unido por un Balon.  The World United by a Ball, A Soccer Ball!

Yes, the Mascot in the Centere is a Chile.  His name is Pique.  We Mexicans are notorious for “killing two birds with one stone.”  Or put in another way, for Double Entendre.

It was a Gift for México to be the Host.  Especially since just the year prior, the Devastation of the September 19th 8.1 Earthquake overtook Central México, especially el D.F.  The Capital.  This Beast was felt as far North as Texas and as far South as Guatemala…

It left THOUSANDS dead.  Hundreds of thousands Homeless.  Billions of dollars in damage.  And yet among all this Death, Destruction and Desolation.  There was the Miracle of Hope. 

Los Bebes del Milagro, or, El Milagro del Hospital Juárez.

After SEVEN days of being Buried Alive. 

No food. 

No water. 

No Human Contact. 

No Human Being to care for them, speak to them, protect them…Nothing.  All odds against them. 

These 3 Babies were pulled out from underneath the ruins, el Escombro, del Hospital.  Pulled from under Tons of Earth and Debris. 

The First Baby, a Girl…was rescued.  All Stopped.  All Engines, Machinery, turned off.  All so that they could all hear the moment that she cried…She was alive! Another Baby Girl and a Baby Boy were also rescued. 

Thus, among all that Desolation there was a Glimmer of Hope.  Yet another True Sign of the Father’s Love for us.  How He Cares for us.  How He Provides for us.  How He Never Abandons us.  How else did these Babies Survive?  God.

And God, as always Provides and Gives. 

The following year, on June 21st, 1986 he gave my Family a Beautiful Beloved Gift…


I Love You, Mijo.  I am Proud of You.  May God, Our Father, always Protect and Guide you. 

Happy Birthday, Nene ♥

Enjoy this small “When you were Born” Blurb, Mijo…




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