TV’s Trojan Horse



As a Parent,  If you ask yourself what’s worse than Family Guy, Jerry Springer and other similar trash on TV ?  You might say Nothing is Worse.  After All, that’s as Bad as Television can get.

You might want to think the question again though.  Family Guy and Jerry Springer have become far too obvious for Satan to use as a means of polluting our Families and Children.  Instead, he’s now using a tactic that the Ancient Greeks used to siege the City of Troy:

The Trojan Horse.

While Historians and Scholars debate the historical facts about the Trojan Horse,  the Concept is still the same today.

By destiny compell’d, and in despair,
The Greeks grew weary of the tedious war,
And by Minerva’s aid a fabric rear’d,
Which like a steed of monstrous height appear’d:
The sides were plank’d with pine; they feign’d it made
For their return, and this the vow they paid.
Thus they pretend, but in the hollow side
Selected numbers of their soldiers hide:
With inward arms the dire machine they load
And iron bowels stuff the dark abode.

-Virgils Aenid, Book 2.


ICarly was the Number One Kids show as rated by Nielsen Media Research (NMR) in 2009.

The show is centered around a teenaged girl named Carly Shay who lives with her 28 year old brother Spencer, in a Seattle Loft Apartment.  Together with her Two best friends they produce a Webcast (TV Broadcast on the World Wide Web) eponymously known as “ICarly”.

It seems innocent enough right ?


Let’s look at this “Trojan Horse” detail:

  • The only Parental Figure,  Spencer,  is depicted as an Immature, Bumbling Idiot.  The Origin’s of Carly’s Mother are never mentioned and her Father, while mentioned on many occasions never makes an appearance.  Already we see the lack of any parental guidance and a total breakdown of the Traditional Family.  The Lack of any Parental Supervision is quite normal.  The only Parent is an Imbecile.  The message that gets across is ” Parents are Idiots,  We don’t Need Them”.
  • Episodes often contain the same recurring themes.  Carly’s friend Sam is proud of her ability to Lie.  Carly always has a Crush on some boy (usually “Bad” boys).  Sam is mean, aggressive and always ready to start a fight.  Sam is always mean to their friend Freddy, the last character in the Triumvirate.  The message here is “There are no consequences to our actions” and “Being Bad is Cool”.
  • The Teenagers are often depicted without having any boundaries.  They do as they please.  After all,  Spencer is a Moron.  There is no responsibility for their actions.  The message to Children is clear “Parents Get in the Way of What we Want”.
  • Freddy is constantly emasculated by Sam.  The message is “It’s Ok to disrespect others”.
  • In Many episodes, the Lead Characters lack any Empathy towards their fellow human beings.  All that matters is themselves.
  • The Show depicts many over the top and unrealistic events.



The Negative Behaviours far outweigh anything that could even be considered positive about the series.

If you search the Web, you’ll find numerous resources so that you can do your own research and make an informed decision.  You don’t have to watch many episodes either to see for yourself.  I wouldn’t recommend the latter as it can be an unpleasant and insulting experience. 

If you have Children you’ve probably already heard of, or seen an episode or two.  The show is aimed at “Tweens”  or ages 9-12 old.  Nickelodeon (YTV in Canada) have marketed this as a Kids Comedy.  Since the show is Aired on Channels for Kids, as Parents we are less likely to pay any attention to the show’s Content.  You might even allow the show into your homes on a Regular Basis.

Companies like Nickelodeon and Disney have been competing for Ratings.  While they MAY at one time have been interested in bringing quality programming into Family’s Homes,  It’s all come down to Ratings and the Almighty Dollar.  It’s not the Obvious Filth on TV we have to watch out for anymore.


We have to be diligent in Preventing Satan from using Trojan Horse Tactics to Infiltrate and Poison our Lives.


2 thoughts on “TV’s Trojan Horse

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  1. I know what you mean here. I have never been able to stand the sound of the “Family Guy” show when it comes on in the other room while I’m on the computer. It is the one show that definitely gets me up immediately to go and turn it off. Not that I have kids in the house any longer, but, I just can’t stand to hear the show.

    It has to be extremely hard these days to be raising kids with all the social media, and communication devises out there. Sadly, though, truth be known, Satan’s stealthy means of attack against the one thing that he knows can keep a people strong in the Lord, (Family) has infiltrated many of our homes as far back as when I was a child by way of the television.

    The Bible warns us about being involved in belittling others, or harsh, derogatory language, and innuendos, and yet, many of us grew up laughing at seemingly innocent comedy sitcom lines that constantly tore down one or more of the characters in the show.

    Seems sardonic put downs, character assassinating type remarks and come back lines took the appearances of acceptable comedy in many of the shows that came out on television, as I recall, by the late sixties.

    Strangely, come to think of it…around sixty-five, which was about the same time as I recall that color T.V. actually became an affordable possibility for the average family.

    By the 70’s, wow. Sanford and Sons certainly comes to my mind when you point out a silent angel of light stealthily creeping into the minds of children who were just in from school, and in many cases, running to switch on the baby sitter with an on and off knob on the front of the tube.

    From there, soap operas, many other sitcoms, and even cartoons seem (in retrospect) to have slowly crept in as “Trojans” as you have fittingly averred. Soon, the norm of the shows mostly seen (Even at family prime time) by parents and kids were slowly eroding the respect element away in children towards parents, and the elderly.

    Many of us were not raised in a Church oriented, praying family environment though, or, at least we in my family weren’t. But, I think by that time, conditioning had become as such to much of American families, that the parents themselves were not as much to blame as they were victims of the sins of society in many ways.

    That, I think is why I was so moved, and appreciative while reading your post last night about the family, as well as this one. Thankful that there are parents like you two, who are really aware of the potential dangers that are among us today.

    But, I think the key is that you have become aware and learned from many of the past mistakes of societies sins, and not necessarily because you may or may not have been raised in a Church setting, but that somewhere along the way, (and maybe from childhood) you took Gods Word for truth, and determined to live, and raise your own children by it’s values, and standards.

    Thank God for parents like you. Thank God for a Father like Him.

    Keep the great words coming…oh, and could you turn down the T.V. on your way out?

    God Bless you


  2. A very keen insight into television and media. Back when I was a Youth Minister, my ministry partner and I did a lot of critical viewing/listening/reading exercises with the kids. As a Dad of 2 teenagers, this remains a major concern. One of the things we have to do as parents, especially with older children is remain engaged, which tougher than it sounds. I always appreciate these very thoughtful and honest takes on mass media.

    Dcn Dodger


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